Hello there, gamers, holders, family, friends 🐱‍👤

We are going to keep the best for last, even though we’ve already spoiled it in the title. Sorry (not sorry). Let’s get into it!

We are partnering with Chainlink

Ever had a burning desire for randomness, surprises, utter chaotic fun? Good. That means you’re alive. We’re partnering with our good friends at Chainlink because their tech can provide true randomness, and, thanks to the power of the blockchain, prove it.

We can (and will) now provide lotteries, random distribution of prizes and NFTs among our most participative players, and many other delightful…

Hello dearest gamers, holders, family, and friends 🎮

We have news.

The kind of news that changes everything.

The Closed Beta was a huge success

We’ve been doing it for almost two months. We’ve had over two and a half thousand users playing on Exeedme. That amounted to close to 1000 matches played, from more than 30 different countries.

It was amazing.

Everyone had a great time. Everybody rocked. Everybody rolled.

And now it’s time to take the next step.

The Beta. is. OPENING

From Friday 14th (7PM GMT) onwards, Exeedme is officially going live for everyone.

And that means…

Hi there, gamers, holders, family, friends 👋

If you aren’t familiar with the awesome tech our partners at Chainlink are developing, you should take a peek at this article right here. We have adopted the Chainlink VFR to fairly distribute XED prizes and NFTs to our dedicated community, and the time has come to give it a whirl.

This is the first of many

Let’s be clear: We’ll be creating more innovative ways of drawing XED and NFTs to our active community. …

Hello gamers, holders, family, friends 🕹

We have made it our business to keep coming up with ways to make you happier. Tall order, right?

Well, today we are happy to announce that we are integrating the Chainlink’s world-class decentralized oracle network to access one of our platform’s most elusive of ingredients: an on-chain source of tamper-proof and verifiable randomness. We will be using Chainlink VRF to distribute random rewards such as NFTs and XED to our loyal token holders, as well as support dynamic NFT and lottery mechanics use cases in the future that are augmented by randomness.


Why hello there, gamers, holders, family, and friends 🎮

We had yet another turbocharged week, advancing the cause of gamers everywhere, creating the strong foundations for the platform that’s going to change this thing we love.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

The very first Polkastarter tournament is finished

Every single one of the teams in play was a Polkastarter-incubated project! Here’s who played:

  • SpiderDAO: They are creating a set of phenomenal tools to bring online privacy to the end user. Their team has set a robust new standard for DAOs that will withstand all adversities.
  • Bridge Mutual : Is using the power of the Blockchain and…

Around two weeks ago a XED/BNB Farm and a Syrup Pool went liveon Pancakeswap, and it was a huge success, having currently more than $10M in total value locked and a current APR on the XED/BNB farm of 246%.

Hello, dearest gamers, holders, and all ⚔️

We had yet another massive week, with a ton of events happening concurrently with A Lot of Work. April was incredibly intense, and May is going to be one of our biggest months yet.

So let’s tell you all about this week so we can go right back to teasing you about the future.

Welcome to the Polkastarter league

Now we’ve started running these awesome tournaments, there’s no more stopping us. Polkastarter is partnering with us for this one, and every single team is a Polkastarter-incubated project!

Here’s the four awesome teams that…

Disclaimer: This article was written by an Exeedme Ambassador, @Fede_Deg and was originally posted in italian on his website: NovaSera.it.

Blockchain technology is still at an early stage of development in the gaming industry. Some projects like Enjin, however, were founded over 10 years ago. In 2017, after an ICO that raised $18.9 million, they began the development of a suite of user-first blockchain products that enable anyone to easily manage, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets. (About Us — Enjin).

Other projects, such as Exeedme, are much younger. Their IDO (initial DEX offering) and listing on Uniswap took place…

OK, show of hands, who here knows how an escrow works?

We can’t see your hands, because this is a blog post, so please put them down.

It was just a joke.

HELLO gamers, friends, family, holders, all 👾

We are here to tell you about our brilliant new partnership with Polkalokr, the lovely folks who are bringing the security and simplicity of the escrow mechanism to the world of blockchain.

Escrow is a very simple process. Imagine you’re selling your house. Everything is agreed upon, but there is really no way for you to know whether the other party…

After the success of the first CS:GO Blockchain Tournament last month, and the second edition in the beginning of April, hosted by Theta.TV, we’re happy to announce the next Blockchain Tournament Powered by Exeedme!

Polkastarter Game is on!

Our partnership with Polkastarter comes from quite some time ago, but we have now decided to make it even further and it has to do with gaming, of course!

In partnership with Polkastarter we will bring 4 Blockchain Projects that have raised funds in their platform to play and show some shooting skills, while also exposing their technology and business to the audience.

This Tournament will…


Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills

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