A sneak peek into Exeedme Beta 1.0

Exeedme was founded with the intention of creating a platform that would enable gamers to monetize their playing time, regardless of skill level. Our company’s strategy is geared towards shifting focus from the industry’s current standard business model, Free2Play (which consists of purportedly offering games for free and then generating revenue through in-game purchases), to a Play2Earn philosophy, powered by blockchain technology.

Goals of Exeedme Private Beta

With the launch of our private beta, we are taking a very important step towards our mission of revolutionizing the gaming industry. We are creating a fair and trusted Play2Earn platform where gamers can play their favorite games, challenge opponents, and bet on their own victory — this will enable ALL players to make money off their skills.

The goal of this Exeedme Private Beta is exactly to allow gamers who love CSGO to challenge friends, bet on their own victory using liquid cryptocurrencies, and start earning by winning.

Main features of Exeedme Beta

In this section we will guide you through the main features you will find on the Exeedme platform. Bear in mind that it is much more fun to try it than to read about it. Everything was designed with the gamer experience in mind.

Game modes

We will be starting with two different game modes, with two different purposes. Wingman 2v2 should suit gamers that are just looking for a bit of fun. It will be ideal for quick and riveting matches. Custom Lobbies 5v5 will probably favor strategy more. We expect it to be a more professional atmosphere, for competitive players.


In this page you can check the assets you hold, you can buy more EXEs, and withdraw your assets to your wallet in the liquid cryptocurrencies of your choice.


You can choose the cryptocurrency you want to top up with from Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, or UTK. Soon, you will also be able to pick XED. For USDT, you can either go for ERC 20 or TRC 20, which significantly reduces any transaction fees.


If you are a real winner and are achieving some great results, you may want to convert your EXEs into Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, or, soon enough, XED. Every withdrawal will suffer a small deduction, the estimated network fees of each transaction. Again, here, if you opt for USDT (TRC20), the transaction fees can be significantly lowered.

EXEs vs XEDs

EXEs are our in-platform stable currency. We know how important it is for gamers to know exactly how much they are betting and that is almost impossible to achieve with volatile cryptocurrencies. As such, for betting purposes, the platform will work with EXEs. Their value is pegged to the US Dollar. They can only be used on our platform and 100EXEs = 1$.

Everytime you top up your account with liquid cryptocurrencies, you will be converting them to EXEs. When you want to make a withdrawal, you can convert them back to liquid cryptocurrencies.

XED, on the other hand, is a volatile cryptocurrency that unlocks a number of key features that will be released in the platform such as staking for access, staking for game-mining and governance.

Creating lobbies

Simulation inside Exeedme Platform

Currently, in our private beta, creating a lobby is the first step to play in Exeedme. Lobbies are designed to quickly set up matches between your friends. The lobby owner defines how much to bet per player and the region of the server. Currently, we have European and North American servers and will be expanding the region pool soon. Inside the lobby there’s also a chat so players can communicate.

After both teams are filled, the owner can then start the lobby. The captains of each team will lead the server and map selections through a veto process. As soon as a map and a server location are chosen, players will be able to join the game with a simple click of the “play” button. Our CS:GO integration provides a unique player experience. The platform has live player stats. After the match, players can download the respective replay. Prize distribution happens once the result of the match is final, and the video-referee report window closes successfully.

Players in Exeedme can take a look at their previous results by going to the lobby history page so they can analyse their performance, winnings, stats and take a look at replays whenever they like.

Social features

Social features are key to generating a good experience inside Exeedme. Gamers can connect with their friends, meet new ones, display their progress and awards, and compete in teams.

These are only the initial features. There’s much more to come.

We want to create a positive environment for gamers, where they help each other, learn and earn together while playing their favorite games, no matter their skill level.


Since this is a private beta, one of the most important goals is for us to help gamers quickly solve any challenges they find, answer any queries and collect feedback. This will be done through gamers’ favourite channel, Discord, where we can give personalised feedback.

Anticheat measures (server side AC, KYC, video referee)

We have multiple measures to make sure games are played in a fair way. Competitive integrity is a priority for us and we take it seriously. After their first match on our platform, gamers have to complete identity verification. This KYC layer protects us against multiple accounts, cheaters and previously banned players. Apart from that, we have a server-sided anti-cheat and video-referee system in our CS:GO integration. The video-referee system is a new system implemented by us, where a selected list of competent video-referees can earn by analysing suspicious matches reported by players. Whenever there’s evident proof, there will be convictions.

What’s next?

Matchmaking: While custom lobbies are the perfect place to play against your friends, in matchmaking you get the chance to match against similarly skilled players, whether you know them or not. We’ll be introducing a ranking system based on the Elo rating system, as well as a party system, so you can queue alongside friends or solo whenever you want. Matchmaking will be key for gamers’ earnings by facilitating progression and earning participation mechanisms.

Staking for Access: next quarter we will be launching our $XED staking pools, which will be used to unlock most of the rewards within the Exeedme ecosystem. $XED Tournaments will come after that. These will allow for higher forms of competition, with prizes funded with $XED or EXEs, and exclusive NFTs presented as trophies! $XED Tournaments will be available depending on staking tiers.

Staking for Game Mining: the first version is set to be released. It will allow $XED stakers to earn rewards simply for playing on the platform! Exeedme wants to reward players for using the platform, so gamers will be effectively game mining $XED every time they play. $XED tokens are earned regardless of players winning or losing. The $XED staking mechanism will act as a positive feedback loop for gamers; the more $XED that is staked, and the more you play, the more $XED you will earn through Game Mining.

Other features: As we receive feedback from gamers, we will constantly start working on new features that improve the overall user experience. As we write, we have just implemented our chat lobby which came into our pipeline through constructive feedback from @Deini#7599. Exeedme is a platform for gamers, so we are counting on every single one of you to make this a space you feel belongs to you.

Exeedme is all about gamers, so can’t wait for the next steps!

Stay with us, and LET’S EXEED!



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Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills