Announcing FOX LEAGUE powered by Exeedme

3 min readApr 16, 2021


Last Wednesday we had a another night full of emotions at Exeedme!

Fox Game night was a huge success, and we gave away another 500 invites for Exeedme Private Beta! Welcome to all newcomers that joined us yesterday :)

And apart from invites FOX brought huge NEWS!

Starting next week, he is hosting his own League inside the platform : FOX League Powered by Exeedme!

What is it?

A 3-Week CS:GO League (from next week until the 13th of May), where each gamer will play for their own rank. During 3 weeks anybody participating will be able to earn points (and $$) by playing at Exeedme, always in 5 vs 5 mode!

This will be the first League inside Exeedme, so it will be available to anyone that is already part of the private beta, from any community and any country!

How can I join?

To participate, you just need to be registered in the Exeedme Private Beta, and then join the League.

We know, there is limited number of invites (YET!), so if you are interested in getting yours, leave us your email here and we’ll keep you up to date on all the opportunities available to join the private beta of the platform, until we open for good! If you really want to keep on track, join our discord channel and stay tuned because we’ll be airdropping some more invites and new opportunities to join the platform and play.

Also, FOX will be giving away some more invites on twitch, so stay tuned for the next game nights and grab yours!

How does it work?

After joining the league, you need to play inside the league to earn points and go up in the rank.

All matches will be 5vs5 and the teams are automatically generated by the platform with our matchmaking system (using ranks and points to do so).

Each match has a minimum bet of 100 EXES (1$ equivalent) and the winner gets the full amount at play (no organiser fees for Exeedme during the Private Beta).

What are the prizes?

On top of the earnings in each match you win, by the end of the league, the top 5 ranked players will also earn prizes in EXEs (that can be withdrawn of the platform into BTC, ETH, UDSC, UTK etc) and some FOX’s special prizes:

1st place: 500$ in EXEs + 1 FK63F Keyboard

2nd place: 250$ in EXEs + 1 FK63F Keyboard

3rd place: 125$ in EXEs + 1 FWP Mousepad

4th place: 75$ in EXEs +1 FWP Mousepad

5th place: 50$ in EXEs + 1 FWP Mousepad

What now?

The League starts next week, and we could not be more excited to kick it off!!!

Stay tuned, pre-register and join discord to be the first to get the next invites for the private Beta.

The Exeedme Team




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