Announcing the first batch of Exeedme Ambassadors

1 min readMar 31, 2021

That’s it! We’re ON!

Finally, after analyzing all the applications very carefully, we are in position to let you know who are the first Ambassadors, that will take part on the batch of April!

We have a huge variety of geographies, backgrounds, and many different gaming tastes inside this diverse group, which we trully believe will make this program even richer. And, trust us, how much talent exists in our community!!

We have to tell you the decision was hard and the competition was very tough! All the applicants that were not selected will still be eligible as we open more applications and vacancies in the next months.

That said, please meet the first batch of Exeedme Ambassadors:

Congratulations @imeanyeet; @paul77360; @AnonymeGuy; @Alvini3 @guillaumexed; @IndianCryptoMediaPerson; @Theecomdon; @nascasto; @angelfcc; @Fede_deg; @nntihun; @CryptoDeepDive; @GamerQuest; @eva_gols; @Flann_da_mann; @Jrafaelangarita

We can’t wait to start working with you! You’ll be invited to an exclusive telegram Group where you’ll get to know everything you need to start your missions!!

If you were not selected, don’t worry! We’ll keep the applications on, and we’ll be recruiting considering our needs throghout the next months!

Applications here




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