Coingecko Mini Fantasy powered by Exeedme

At Exeedme, we’re all about inclusion and democratizing access to Esports.

That’s why we’re so into Tournaments organization, especially when we can share considerable prize pools with teams from different levels — pros and not-so-pros.

We’ve been doing that for the CS:GO (and Call of Dutty: Warzone) Communities for quite some time, started recently for DOTA 2, also. But there’s a long way to go until hosting all AAA competitive games, so we needed a step further to make sure everyone can participate in the tournaments, even without playing that specific game!

In partnership with Coingecko, we’re glad to introduce you to COINGECKO MINI FANTASY!

Next Thursday, 18th November, we’ll be hosting at Exeedme the semi-finals and final of the Coingecko Champion of the champions CS:GO 1vs1 Tournament, where the 4 finalists will fight for the first place.

Only 4 players (Akuma, Libcso6, Landers, and Bayon) will be playing CS:GO, but the entire Coingecko and Exeedme community can also play, by acquiring the pack with the 4 player’s cards,placing them in the order they think the tournament will end, and getting the chance to earn +500$ prizepool!

How to participate:

  • Buy the Coingecko Champion of Champions CS:GO NFT Pack, which includes the 4 cards representing each of the 4 players participating.

Points system: You’ll get points for each player that ends the tournament in the place you placed his car:

  • 1st Place right: 10 points

Reward system

TOTAL PRIZE POOL: 500$ + 90% from the total sale value

The Prize Pool is to be distributed equally by the Players that got the highest score. In case it’s just one person, that person gets the entire prize pool. If there is more than one player with the highest score, the prize is divided equally by the number of winners.

The packs will be available to buy on the 16th November at 1pm GMT and will cost 7 $XED.

If you need assistance with buying, check this guide.

Have fun!



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