Cracking Open January: The Road So Far

Just like that, the first month of 2022 has come and gone.

And did it go as fast for you as it went for us?

So, it’s time to take a look back and recapitulate January. Shall we?

We started the year strong with the Hackathon. And let’s just say, this event overcame our expectations by a lot!

With amazing names such as Morales, SpiderDAO, Umbrella, Polkastarter, Polygon Studios we absolutely could not have asked for better partners.

This Hackathon reached a Prize Pool of 40k$. That’s a lot in the Piggy Bank with no name for it yet. There’s a brilliant idea out there with its name on it, and there’s a lucky creator who doesn’t even know it yet!

Do you know who will tell us about the good ideas coming out of it? Our amazing Jurors, Joana Marques, Game Director at Gamehouse, Luís Calado de Sousa, Sr Partner developer at Microsoft and Ricardo Flores Santos, Metaverse Builder as Studiohead at Studiohead Ltd. We really couldn’t be in better hands!

Do you still want to join, do you have an alpha game to pitch us? Well, do we have good news for you! We still want you in! Inscriptions are still very much open, as we extended the deadline to February 14.

Got a great idea to share with us? Register here!

Exeedme is constantly trying to find new ways to reach out to the Community. Because, let’s be honest, this would be so dull without you guys, and that’s what the Exeedme Castings were all about! So, we followed up with a new way to connect to you, and thus came the the Exeedme Live in which we had Videogame Livestreams, with amazing and talented content creators, with names as awesome as Catochex, Wess and who could forget Adosa’s smile as she brightened our Twitch platform?

But, we’re not done with our livestreams. Not only that, and we’re still looking for talent to join our team. So, are you a video content creator? We bet you’d look great as the new face of Exeedme! Don’t just tell us. Show us!

Who knows? You can be the next chosen. We can’t wait to grow together! Take a risk?

But we were not happy yet, so we also decided to give some extra seasoning to this month and launched the Exeedme Store.

And we hear you asking into your screens: What is the Exeedme Store? Well, it’s where you can find, not only brand new exciting merch, but also the Exeedme Vouchers, to simplify your life when purchasing…well, anything really! Did we achieve just that?

But the question remains, are you ready to gear up in the Exeedme Store?

Was that all? Did we have a calm month? No, that’s just not our style.

We also implemented the brand-new format of Fast Battles for Call of Duty, in order to allow gamers to earn faster, increase flexibility, and so you can get even more chances for Play2Earn. New Year, New methods, Same old Goals for us at Exeedme!

Just to wrap the month with a bow, we brought it home with the Exeedme ACE Series, a series of tournaments that cracked open with an exciting engagement of 18 teams competing for an amazing 500$ prize, but yet it has so much more to offer and we cannot wait to see where it’s going!

If you can smell the thrill just like we can, don’t miss out on this opportunity and smash the link! The new edition is coming on February 5th, it’s just around the corner! Exeedme ACE Series Registry

Honestly, if we were selling seats for the affair that was January, we might as well be selling them just half price because you would be using just the edge of your seat the entire time!

Stay tuned, ’cause February is already tomorrow and we have BIG news to share!



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