2 min readMay 11, 2022


Cryptobirds: They have Wings to Fly!

No more cliffhangers, the wait is over.

Folks, let us tell you a tale…

In a remote laboratory that fell below when it came to following security protocols, there was the attempt to create a Metaverse with all the most beloved Video Game Characters in it.

Something went terribly wrong and an awful explosion happened. Flashes of bright green and orange could be seen from two towns over. These explosions set free a wave of particles that got spread all over the Gaming Universe and the death toll was unimaginable. The only creatures that survived were the ones protected in Eggs.

However, sadly, not even these ones came unharmed. (Please, queue the violin music in your heads) In the sequence of this incident, the survivors came to with severe genetic mutations, the scientific community cannot fully understand or fathom the extension of the damage.

With the wave shock, all the nests were shaken and eggs have fallen open, and the CryptoBirds are released .

The Gaming World is now forever changed by this event…

These… Are Creatures born from a new world where all the main resources are crypto assets and only these creatures have what it takes to gain these assets…

Lifting the (Crypto)Veil

Turns out, the CryptoBirds will be the very first project in the XPAD, our debutant XPAD baby bird, if you will. We’re making the XPAD all warm, fluffy, and just a little bit mutant too, to accommodate this sort of bird.

The Crypto Bird is a play to earn endless runner where you play as a bird. This is unique in style and gameplay, flapping your wings to gain height and manoeuvring through hazards on your path, achieving the highest possible score for a piece of action on those sweet sweet rewards.

This marks a very important stepping stone for Exeedme as it will be the first web3 game on our platform, and it combines in-game characters as NFTs with $XED rewards pool to incentivise a vibrant gaming community and encompass the true play to earn mechanics.

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