Elevating your Competitive Experience with CS2 Matchmaking

4 min readOct 20, 2023


Exeedme is proud to unveil exciting new features designed to take your gaming adventures to unprecedented heights. From the CS2 Matchmaking system to enticing rewards for a 5-wins streak, the introduction of the Exeedme Anti-Cheat, personalized UX/UI, in-depth ELO Rankings rothe ability to buy and sell Skins, we’re putting you at the center of an immersive competitive gaming experience like never before. We promise fun, a level playing field and Skins (yes, Skins! A lot of them).

1. CS2 Matchmaking: Precision at Your Fingertips

We’re acutely aware of the challenges gamers face, including mismatches, uneven gameplay, and the frustrations caused by cheaters and smurfs. CS2 Matchmaking is not just our solution to these problems, but also our vision for a gaming future where everyone plays fair. Initially, as with any system, we may face calibration challenges. That’s why your first 5 games are crucial: they help us fine-tune our approach. Beyond this initiation, our overarching goal is to populate the platform with a healthy, genuine player base. We aim to match players based on similar skill levels, promoting competitive, balanced matches whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer. With your participation and our continuous improvements, we aspire to make CS2 Matchmaking a beacon of balanced, engaging, and above all, honest gameplay every time you step into the arena. To kick off, CS2 Matchmaking will be live today, 20th October and every day from 20:00h to 00:00h UTC+1 time.

2. Rewarding Excellence: 5 Wins Streak = 1 Skin!

Achievements in gaming deserve recognition, and that’s exactly what our new reward system offers. For every five consecutive wins in CS2 matchmaking games, you will win 250 Diamonds (platform credits) that you can convert into wonderful and shiny Skins.

Just remember that whenever you achieve a victory you have 48 hours to make a new game. If you don’t do so, there is a reset and your wins return to 0.

3. ELO Rankings: Measure Your Progress

ELO Rankings are here to give you an objective measure of your gaming skills. Whether you’re striving to climb the ranks or gauge your improvement over time, this system offers transparency and competition at its finest. You will grow the rankings at every victory you get and you will get to understand how far you are from going from amateur to professional.

4. Exeedme Anti-Cheat: Your Gateway to a level playing field

Exeedme Anti-Cheat is now mandatory: all players will now need to use the Anti-Cheat in order to access Exeedme CS2 Matchmaking and CS2 Tournaments. This will allow Exeedme client to catch both cheaters and multi-accounts among newly registered players on the platform. The Client will detect a number of software and hardware changes that influence the level playing field we want to provide and you want to enjoy.

5. Easier onboarding with Steam registration

We have reduced significantly the time new gamers take from registration to play a game by allowing them to register with their Steam account.

6. UI Focused on You

Your gaming experience should be as unique as you are, and Exeedme’s revamped UX/UI does just that. We have learnt that when it comes to competitive gaming there is little to no crossover between games so once you choose the games you want to play, you will only see competitions, updates and features related to that game.

7. Buy and Sell Skins: Trade and Collect

Your hard earned Diamonds will be the way to buy Skins in our “Shop”. But now, in case you want to buy a Skin but don’t have enough Diamonds you will be able to put on the difference using a lot of different payment methods. Also, we will make it frictionless to turn your Skins into cash using Paypal and MBway.

8. New Partnerships

Over the next months we will be working with a number of Portuguese Gaming Streamers (with a reach across all media channels of over 4 million people) to promote this new competitive format. Although the features are live worldwide, Portugal is going to be the test market to gather gamers feedback and test growth strategies.

In conclusion, Exeedme continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming world. With CS2 Matchmaking, the 5 Wins Streak = 1 Skin reward system, a user-friendly UX/UI tailored to your preferences, the ability to buy and sell Skins, ELO Rankings, and the Exeedme Anti-Cheat, the future is incredibly bright for gamers within the Exeedme ecosystem.

Join us in this thrilling journey and elevate your gaming experience today!

Let’s Exceed!

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