Exeedme Ambassadors Program: Roadmap and Tasks

The Exeedme Ambassador’s Program aims to bring together a team of passionate people, who believe in our mission of changing the esports paradigm through Blockchain Gaming, Defi and NFts as much as we do!

Two weeks ago, we announced what kind of roles could our Ambassadors have but as we approach the announcement of the first batch of ambassadors, by the end of this month, we thought we could unveil a bit more of what’s coming up for them! (The applications are still open)

So, in practice, which activities are Exeedme Ambassadors supposed to work on?

Heres the primary list of “tasks” that our Ambassadors will be able to complete, in order to get points and try to make it to the top 5 Ambassadors and earn $XEDs by the end of each month:

(Before you start scrolling through, take into consideration these are all optional activities, and you could choose the ones you are better at or you feel more comfortable with!)


  • Monthly Community meetings presence
  • Invite gamers to the Exeedme platform

Regional Community manager

  • Group Creation (Telegram)
  • Group Management
  • Interacting with the community/ answering all questions
  • Reporting back urgent topics
  • Updating the weekly feedback report


  • Organizing a full tournament on Exeedme (min users 4 teams 20 users)
  • Hosting the livestream
  • Interacting with the community
  • Sharing results
  • Participating as “backup” player on Exeedme Official Tournaments
  • Organizing meetups at your region (soon) — indie game devs, crypto talks, blockchain talks
  • Attending 3rd party events as Exeedme Ambassadors (soon)
  • Organizing a “webinar/talk” on a Platform related topic (Gaming, NFT, Crypto, blockchain)

Content Creators

  • Writing full article about a “Knowledge” topic (min 750 characters)
  • Producing video content about Exeedme or Knowledge topic
  • Copywriting on a suggested topic
  • Other creative content — growth hacking campaigns, viral content, stickers, gifs, memes, etc
  • Bringing influencers (min10k followers on Twitter o similar) to the platform
  • Writing Platform Review

Tech / Product

  • Writing / Video Producing Platform Tutorials
  • Test new releases inside the platform and give valuable feedback

Each ambassador will choose what they like the most and work on those tasks! We will be supporting you all along the way, and making sure this team has access to the best resources, and updated information about Exeedme and all the relevant Knowledge topics.

As the community is (very) alive, there might be other challenges added to the list as we grow and evolve, and that’s the magic of being part of the journey!

So, if you see yourself working on this, getting the chance to become an expert of #Blockchain, #Defi and #NFTs and even have a monthly income in $XEDs, the ambassadors program is FOR YOU!

We’ll be accepting applications to start the activities in April until the 25th of March: what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW!

Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills