Exeedme and Polkastarter are lending a hand to Gamers Outreach

2 min readJul 21, 2021

Gamers Outreach is a fantastic organization that seeks to provide some much-needed relief and escapism to hospitalised kids using the most powerful entertainment tool in the world: video-games.

Gamers Outreach know exactly what’s amazing about gaming: escapism, adventures, broad imagination, worlds of colour and fantasy, the emotional power of a well-told story. Knowing that sometimes kids are stuck in hospitals, in scary and uncomfortable situations, they saw a chance to use the power of gaming for good. They were founded in 2006, and the idea sprung from the mind of a high-school kid that was stuck home from school with mono. Isolated from his friends, stopped from playing sports, he found in gaming everything he needed to keep his mind and his soul strong.

Now, we are joining that fight.

50% of the NEW PolkaStarter Tournament’s prize pool goes to Gamers Outreach

We started yesterday a brand new CS:GO Tournament.

Polkastarter is joining us as partners, and every single one of the four participating teams is on their network.

We are joined by the wonderful people of:

  • Dotmoovs;
  • Charged Particles;
  • Blockchain Cutties Universe
  • Standard Defi

All of these teams joined us on the Exeedme platform, and the finals, just like the semifinals yesterday, will be broadcasted live onTwitch right here on this link.

We have a $2000 prize pool, in which all the teams participated!

Standard and Dotmoovs won yesterdays semi-finals, and will defeat each other tomorrow on the grand final!

Whoever wins won’t be able to get their hands on all of it, though. Like we said, exactly half of it will be going straight to Gamers Outreach.

We believe in their mission.

We believe gaming has the power and the capability to make people’s lives easier and more pleasurable. A huge part of our philosophy is handing gamers the financial ability to profit from their talents and skills. It goes without saying that we think those talents and skills are beautiful and worthwhile. We are honoured and touched to have the chance to help kids going through some tough stretches by gaming, practicing, and getting into a universe that has given all of us so much solace and warmth throughout our own journeys.

So don’t hesitate. Check out the tournament’s page, and watch these awesome teams do battle for good!




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