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Exeedme introduces: XPAD

Following our Gaming Hackathon and the amazing interest received from game developers and the community, we are now taking further steps to integrate Blockchain Games in the platform through the creation of our very own Gaming Launchpad…

Put on some comfy shoes and take a walk with us.

If you are not sure how it all started well, here’s a refresher to put you up to date.


It is always good to remember our Motto and Motivation for everything that lies ahead: with gaming at the heart of what we do, Exeedme is meant to build a gamer-driven economy where gamers can monetise their passion and skills and game developers and organisers can build and grow their communities. That is exactly why we want to reach out further into the community and allow gamers to be part of the co-creation of web3 games since its early start so that they can add feedback and value to the game but also to have the opportunity to share its success from early on.

With that in mind, we are creating a Web3 Gaming Launchpad — XPAD, where game studios and game developers can submit their own web3 games at different stages of development — from Concept to Beta stage..

We know the importance and impact of games in people’s life so we are aiming to work only with the best, more passionate and most devoted to their craft. In order to do that we have created a selection process to guarantee that every game launched through XPAD has the right ingredients to be a web3 success such as game design, story, art, demand driven economy, balance between play and earn, healthy competitive environment, between others.

And how will games be chosen and evaluated?

To kick-off the process, each project will have to submit initial information about their projectand XPAD research team will do a series of due diligence, engage with direct assessment and finally pass all the information to our Gaming Council. At Exeedme we know if we want to launch the best games we have to be surrounded by the best, so we are creating a very special Council with highly regarded names with deep experience in Gaming, Esports and Blockchain Gaming to join us.The selected projects will have access to a highly expert collective, a true gaming community and a reliable network of investors.

This is not just chance to give the access to game studios and developers to access funds but also the possibility to give these projects a gateway to a community of +65000 gamers that can test and give feedback on the games (certainly more than I have at my Murder Mystery Dinner Parties…), allowing for improvement of the product, even after the Launch.

But this is also a chance for the entire gaming and Exeedme community! How so? You very relevantly ask.

This Launchpad is a way of crowdsourcing from a passionate gaming community that in exchange will have an opportunity to share on the growing success of these games from a very early stage — something that was typically just available for VCs and Angels with extended private networks.

You might be thinking to yourself: Yes yes, this is all fine and dandy, but I’m not sure I see the relation with $XED, how does its community directly benefit from all this? Well, we’re so glad you asked the question we were already about to answer!

This XPAD brings a whole new utility to the $XED token, (we’re sure the wheels are turning in your mind) as it will serve as the key to access these web3 games opportunities. Moreover, it is required that you have $XED staked to access these web3 gaming opportunities. The Launchpad access is structured with different staking Tiers, that will give users different layers of access to different rounds. More information on how this will play out will be available soon. Additionally, some of these games can have $XED as part of its own gaming economy or competitive environment which will make demand for $XED also directly related to the success of the games themselves.

This means, if you come on board you get a good slice of the action!

Beyond that, imagine getting in on the action before anyone else, and allow yourself to be an Alpha tester! How many can say they got that chance ?

So, what makes XPAD different? Your questions are so pertinent today, dear reader!

  • Gaming Community Included: The XPAD comes with a rich and diverse Gaming community that is pre-built and can validate games and provide feedback to Game projects even before launching.
  • Compete, work a sweat: We bring our expertise (and others) to guarantee that these games have competitive elements that can foster its potential to elevate the gaming experience and eventually to an eSport.
  • Gaming expert-vetted: every game will be analysed not just by XPAD team but also from a diverse council of experts that will bring experience from Gaming Development, Blockchain Gaming, Game Design, Esports and other ramifications.

Well, is that all? No, not at all. So, take a walk with us through some of the features of this launchpad:

  • Exeedme Gaming Launchpad: Ins and Outs
  • As of now, submissions are open for new projects and/or teams that already have an alpha or beta working product and would like to be launched inside the Exeedme ecosystem.
  • IGO (initial game offering) — we will help the launch of your game by making it accessible through Exeedme platform and involving the entire community;
  • Advising: once the game has passed the due diligence stage we will be working closely with the teams to improve any details related with the launch or gaming economy, mostly to ensure a balanced token/nft economy that is driven mostly by demand and not by supply.
  • NFT launch: a one stop shop to create all the mechanics associated with the launch of NFT in-game items, from whitelists to the mint itself.
  • Token launch: a framework that will help you set up your rounds from seed stages to pre-public rounds.
  • Esports ready: Exeedme will work with the game to define what type of automated competitions are tailored to the game and will integrate those competitions on Exeedme platform
  • Dedicated area for $XED stakers: $XED stakers will soon have dedicated channels and areas to access Game materials, rate them and invest in different stages of the game, from seed to public rounds.

Eager for more? So are we.

We want to support a web3 gaming launchpad focused on growing the gaming ecosystem and the metaverse. Our platform will enable creators and game developers to incubate and develop their game idea, run capital-raising campaigns and build communities using blockchain technology and leveraging an existing user base of gamers.

Beyond issuing utility tokens, we provide game developers a way to explore other innovative ways of raising capital to fund their projects through the sale of virtual items as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), while also reducing their time-to-market and increasing their exposure to new users/gamers to deploy and iterate on their new game.

Our incubation program is supported by an accredited partner network, and will provide projects with end-to-end support to develop sustainable strategies and launch successful campaigns.

Ready to dive in? Grab your goggles and the diving equipment!

We are now looking for extraordinary games so if you are developing one apply here and if you know some wonderful teams who is share it with them.




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