Exeedme is leveling up!

3 min readFeb 1, 2022


Hello there, dearest Exeedme family!

As you very well know, we are building from scratch. We have started from the ground, and we are building up. This is a new business, a new way of looking at gaming. #Play2Earn didn’t exist before us. There was no manual on how to do this.

So we are learning as we build, and building as we learn.

It’s exciting. We get to shape the industry to our own liking. That also means we have a rare privilege: we get to listen. We have welcomed you guys, our community, right into the fold of this company, and we consider it a part of your life as much as it is a part of ours.

That means you get a say in what happens next for Exeedme. And now we are growing, we are adding more features, and guess what: they are inspired by your comments and feedback. So keep it coming.

We are removing entry barriers

One of the things you kept telling us is that despite crypto and blockchain being an essential part of what we do, not all gamers are crypto-savvy. Some are still getting started, some don’t care that much and just want to game. Isn’t Exeedme for everyone? Yes. Yes, it is.

So we are making sure we democratise access and improve gaming experience. Everyone needs to have access to the platform and to the esports, regardless of whether they want to enrich their experience with the crypto side of it or not.

Here are some of the things we are bringing in:

  • Free Dota2 Battles — You will now be able to enter daily free battles with a $50 daily prize!
  • Free COD battles — These aren’t just dailies. You can also play free fast battles. $50 worth of them will be distributed every day.
  • The Weekly Ladder is becoming the Free Daily Ladder for CS:GO, also with a $50 prize.

This means you no longer have to bet to play! To make it into the top 10 rankings you must ensure you play at least three matches a day on that same game, and that’s it. There will be no sign-up bonuses either, since betting is no longer required.

We are taking NOTHING away

Do you still want to play and bet with your friends? No worries. We are introducing the Custom Lobby so that every single thing you love about the original Exeedme platform is still there.

We are adding features, and we are taking nothing away.

Video referee is on us!

Everyone gets three free video referee credits. This means that the first time you call upon the video ref, you pay absolutely nothing. It’s our treat, and our way to say welcome to the gamers that are joining us from all over the world.

In the past, you had to spend credits to do this. No more.

We are moving KYC to checkout

We heard you! This is yet another one of the most requested features. KYC is fundamental, it’s how we make sure that we keep gaming safe for everyone, that no one cheats, that no accounts are duplicated.

It’s a key part of our entire enterprise.

We did realise that it was causing a ton of friction to do it at the beginning of your gaming lives on our platform. Some people just want to play! We 100% understand the feeling. Gaming is also why we started this business and got into this industry. If you just want to play and you don’t want to have to deal with bureaucracy to do it, you should be able to.

So you can do that now. You can just join and play to your heart’s content. KYC will happen only when you try to withdraw your funds from the platform. This way, we make sure all transactions are safe, we guarantee that there are no incentives for cheating, and we also remove all barriers from people simply enjoying their games ASAP.

So, how do you feel about these changes?

Are you as excited as we are? Follow us on Twitter @Exeedme and let us know!




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