Exeedme is the Fnac’s WEB3 Partner for Gaming Month

3 min readOct 10, 2022

A Collaborations for Fnac’s Gaming Month

Exeedme is exceptionally proud to announce its partnership with Fnac Portugal for Fnac’s Gaming month, that is starting on October 6th and ending on the 26th of the same month.

Simultaneously with this initiative, there will also be the Prevention Against Cyber Bullying Week, as well as Gender Equality Week.

In a context where we have reached internet democratisation, and as the web3 opens up possibilities to us that we cannot even see, possibilities for interactivity and creativity, Education and Prevention become not only important, but indispensable.

Worthwhile Causes

Cyber Bullying and Gender Inequality affects different but intersecting groups of people in very violent manners. In an era when Mental Health is becoming a more visible problem and we are becoming more aware of its real impact, there is a sense of individual as well as collective responsibility of action in these causes, and Exeedme could not be happier in being able to do its share to support such pertinent causes as Gender Equality and Bullying prevention and mitigation. Online bullying has had far too many and too tragic consequences, with phenomena such as extremism radicalization, SWATings, among other trends, and the best weapon we have to combat it is education and information.

But this is not where the importance of Education ends. It is absolutely vital to have clear and high-quality content on topics such as Blockchain, Web3, Play&Earn, as well as NFT’s.

We cannot imagine a better partner for this kind of initiative than Fnac. Being side by side with Fnac for this enterprise means we have, not only the highest-quality retailer, but also highly investe in Web3 in this business model. This is the best way to reach the broad public and we could not be any happier.

So, “How does this translate in practice?” We hear you asking.

Crypto Bird Arcades

In Fnac stores, there will be two different Arcade machines with the Crypto Bird available (if you are reading this, we figure you might be familiar with this one creature — but if you’re not…) as to give clients the opportunity to discover the game and to explore Play&Earn, as well as Web3 Gaming in the store. At the same time, all the gains from playing in those Arcades will be donated to No Bully Portugal NGO, as an initiative framed in the Week of Prevention Against Cyberbullying, as well as integrated in the gaming month.

Conversation Panels

To add to this, there will be two talks facilitated by the Exeedme team in two different Fnac stores, on the 13th and 14th October at 7pm GMT+1 at Fnac Colombo and Fnac Norteshopping, featuring some Exeedme partners and other relevant intervenients from the gaming Industry.

In this group we’ll have Zorlak, streamer, CS:GO Coach and host, Pedro Dinis, Metastrikes’ CEO, Ricardo Flores from FunPunch, the creators of Crypto Bird. Nuno Fernandes, our CEO and Francisco Faria, Exeedme’s Co-founder and Chairman, will also be part of this conversation, moderating the panels. So if those digital AMA’s don’t quite cut it for you in terms of interaction with the Exeedme Team, this might just be what the doctor ordered!

But this partnership does not end right here! Led by the charity mode and the willingness to help such an important cause like “No Bullly Portugal ‘’ does, Exeedme and Fnac will be partnering for some Daily ladders — from the 21st to the 23rd October. During the first week of the activation, our community will be asked about their willingness to contribute with a part of the total prize pools of a daily ladder, and based on the results, we will give away a percentage of the prize pool to the NGO being supported by this campaign.

For the entire Exeedme team, having this partnership with, not just a company such as Fnac, but indeed, Fnac itself fills us with an Honor that is hard to put into words — furthermore, being here, with Fnac as they take their first steps in web3 and being a part of the process is not only a privilege, but also the kind of moments we work for and choose to keep doing what we are doing every day.




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