Exeedme Joins DeNites DAO for Season 2

2 min readOct 18, 2022

Who doesn’t love a good Season Renewal? Here at Exeedme we are all about it, and that’s why when we heard DeNites was getting a Season 2, we just knew we had to sponsor it again, just like we did since day one!

DeNites are community-led events to connect with local web3 projects and people in the most entertaining way possible. DeNites is constituted by Blockchain projects, and had had its kickoff last year, and opened doors to a series of possibilities and events in the Portuguese ecosystem — of which we are very proud to be a part of.

In the past year, we have been present in all events with our Arcade machine, at the time with our beta version of the Crypto Bird, still in Web2, but it was already a big hit.

Crypto Bird Arcade Machine at one of Denites’s Events.

This year, DeNites takes the leap and becomes a DAO, so from now on the managing is up to the community itself. By being a sponsor to the entire Season, Exeedme is also a part of the DAO, and we intend to contribute specially in anything related to Gaming and Web3 Games. We are just hoping we can be useful!

DeNites is a rich and innovative project that has a unique voice in the Web3 space. So, naturally, we could not be happier to sponsor such an endeavour and become part of this DAO .

Francisco Varela

Co-Founder & Chairman at Exeedme

We are expecting a very exciting Season 2, filled with Plot Twists and Character Developments, as well as a lot of opportunities for all of us. But most of all, we can’t wait to see the new star of the show, this so famed DAO!

This Season 2 starts now and it goes on until 2023, and Exeeedme is so thrilled to be in it for the entire Season, because we are absolutely sure that DeNites, alongside with the Portuguese Web3 community will shine brighter than we can even imagine!

With all that’s been said, are you surprised that we’re this excited with this sponsorship?

Grab some popcorn, it’s Season 2 premiere time!




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