EXEEDME LIVE IS COMING: Streamers & content creators, take note

Exeedme Live is one of the most ambitious things Exeedme has ever done. This is more than a program, this is an umbrella for a LOT of programs.

Remember our call for creators last week?

It’s time to tell you what that was.

We are building a team

A team of video content creators that are going to become the true face of Exeedme to the outside world. We want to create an environment that empowers gamers to follow their dreams and make a living doing what they love. Now, we are creating a team that’s going to be earning a real salary for streaming their gaming and representing the company.

This is more than a simple recruitment drive, this is a long-term plan.

We grow with you

Exeedme was never about driving undue hype or creating large marketing campaigns to make everyone believe we are doing things we aren’t. It was always about bringing in the community, with a ton of transparency, and sharing our achievements with you.

Now, we want to actually go live. We want to create content that you will love to watch and engage with, made by people straight from the community that understand the things you care about fully, and we want to make that the core of our communication strategy.

Exeedme Live content won’t be exclusively about gaming (though it will always be at the heart 💚). We will be creating material about everything we love and care about: the metaverse, crypto, NFTs, DAOs, and anything else we find captivating and challenging.

Sound good?

Are you a video content creator? Do you want to stream for a living? Are you into all of these things that we are into?

Well, good news: applications are still open.

And the application process isn’t some boring old interview with people in suits (we’d never do that to you). We will be challenging you with some real deal activities that will reflect the job.

2022 is going to be massive for Exeedme Live

We haven’t really told you all we want to do with Exeedme Live. Some things are still in the works.

Let’s just say we have plans.

Many plans.



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