Exeedme Partners With Aleph.im: Crosschain Cloud meets Decentralized Gaming

3 min readFeb 1, 2021

It’s not news that NFTs are at the core of Exeedme business and strategy to bring Defi into the Gaming space. Therefore, we are very excited to announce a partnership with Aleph.im, a cross-blockchain network specifically focused on decentralized applications and their related infrastructure (storage, computing servers and security).

What is Aleph.im?

Aleph.im’s core mission is to help decentralized apps and protocols strip off the centralized parts of their stack, achieving a fully decentralized architecture. Their open-source ecosystem achieves this by providing decentralized databases (including file storage), computation and a decentralized identification (DID) framework.

You can think of aAleph.im as a decentralized AWS or Firebase.

Aleph.im tech stack is unique because it blends offchain and onchain decentralized technology. Its peer-to-peer network connects to many blockchains including Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, Avalanche and BinanceChain.

Use-cases span the legacy web and the web3 space. Aleph.im received interest and traction in both as decentralization, privacy and security have become prominent and recurrent issues in the centralized web. As of now, aleph.im is seeing the most interest from these industries: DeFi, NFT platforms, enterprise document storage and certifications — and now Gaming is a growing demand.

Aleph.im’s Gaming community

By having a close relationship with the NFTs and gaming industry, it couldn’t make more sense for Aleph.im to have a dedicated community inside Exeedme’s platform. This is a way of enriching the experience of their users while experiemnting the future of gaming first hands! We can’t wait to see this community start playing and earning $XEDs and NFTs!

How Will Exeedme Use Aleph.im Cloud Services?

NFTs are currently living a phase of glory within the crypto space and seeing their use cases expand, being the gaming one of the most relevant industries increasing the demand for NFTs associated with the decentralized gaming.

However, there is a problem with the full decentralization of NTFs, any DApps suffer partial centralization as their NFT metadata is too heavy to be put on any blockchain.

That’s where aleph.im comes in: it can host files of any size on its decentralized network.

Exeedme will integrate with aleph.im using aleph.im Python and/or Javascript Client Libraries primarily for decentralizing our NFTs.

As the CEO of Exeedme puts it:

“We are ecstatic to be partnering with Aleph.im which is adding huge value to the NFT landscape by fully decentralizing NFTs. We will be exploring their decentralised database and file storage features to bring added value and protection to our NFTs ecosystem.” — Nuno Fernandes, Exeedme CEO

For Aleph.im, this partnership also represents one step ahead. In Moshe Malawach’s, CEO at Aleph.im, own words:

“I’m thrilled to partner with an NFT and crypto powered gaming platform running on Polkadot. Exeedme is disrupting the gaming industry with the web3 stack of tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier for aleph.im to take part in this pioneering journey” — Moshe Malawach, CEO at aleph.im

We cannot wait to work together on this common mission of decentralizing NFTs and gaming!

LET’S EXEED Together!

About Aleph.im

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