Exeedme Partners with CS:GO Pro FOX

2 min readDec 22, 2020

The Exeedme platform and ecosystem are all about our community of gamers, content creators and professional Esports ambassadors.

We could not be prouder to announce CS:GO Esports professional FOX as our first Exeedme Ambassador. FOX’s skill as a pro Esports player will test the limits of the Exeedme platform, as well as bring new players to the ecosystem–pros, enthusiasts and amateurs alike. All can join and earn rewards on Exeedme!

Who is FOX?

Ricardo ‘Fox’ Pacheco started his Esports career in 2004 and quickly became one of the rising stars of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), with multiple national and international prizes including 1st place in many major competitions. Apart from being an Esports professional, he is also considered as one of the biggest influencers in CS:GO with an incredibly large fan base.

FOX is one of the biggest esports reffin CS:GO

“We’re very excited to have FOX onboard Exeedme. It’s an honor to count on his expertise, insights and views on the project, being one of the best international CS:GO players and a reference in the ecosystem. It’s very important for us to show that the pros are so committed to the democratization of professional gaming, giving every gamer the opportunity to build a career in Esports. We’re looking forward to working closely and developing the platform together.”

Francisco Varela, Exeedme Co-Founder

“I’m thrilled with the opportunity of becoming the first Exeedme Ambassador. I see a huge potential for this platform, the way it’s built and the empowerment it will bring to every gamer and the entire ecosystem. These guys amazed me when they introduced me to the potential of NFTs and DeFi rewards to the everyday gamer! This is the kind of project that makes dreams come true, by allowing literally every gamer to win something valuable for doing what they love most: to play! I usually say that Exeedme stands for Esports the same way that Pokerstars stands for Poker.”

Ricardo “FOX” Pacheco

As an ambassador, FOX will undoubtedly be one of the players on the shortlist to try the Exeedme Platform’s Beta version firsthand. We’re counting on his contribution to the continuous improvement of the platform, and to bring major Esports excitement to Exeedme!

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