We are proud to announce we are partnering with E2TECH, a Tier 1 European Tournament Organizer, for the major CS:GO Iberian Competition, ESC ONLINE MASTER LEAGUE PORTUGAL BY ROG, and, under this partnership, we will host the third day of the Open Qualifier, on the 23rd of August.

After 7 successful seasons, with hundreds thousands of viewers, the ESC ONLINE MASTER LEAGUE PORTUGAL BY ROG is back! Exeedme will not only host the 3rd day of the Open Qualifier but will also allow, during times when the in person events are quite hard to happen, the creation of a dedicated online in-platform community for all the fans and viewers that are usual attendees of the biggest Iberian CS:GO competition.

Exeedme will also host the pre and post-events, where the official players will be incentivized to participate and interact with all the fans and attendees. This makes us super proud, as one of our main goals is the proximity between gamers of all skill levels and community creation, so this partnership couldn’t be more aligned with us.

Exeedme is, as you know, a Play2Earn platform where any player, from any skill level, can monetize their gaming skills, and earn crypto and NFts, by doing what they most love: to play video games. By partnering with the biggest Iberian CS:GO Competition, and especially hosting an open Qualifier, where any player might get the chance to join the competition makes us very proud and feel we are on the right path to change the Esports scene, and get the professionals and the “amateur” players together in one place.

The ESC ONLINE MASTER LEAGUE PORTUGAL BY ROG organizing team, also sees on our platform a way to make the Esports industry grow, both nationally and internationally.

On Nuno Fernandes’, Exeedme CEO’s words:

“For us, it’s a huge honor to host one Open Qualifier for the biggest CS:GO Competition in Portugal, and to celebrate that, we’re preparing many surprises for all the event attendees and fans, that we’re pretty sure will revolutionize the way we see and interact with the most important moments of this competition. Even more news are coming soon!”

For Pedro Silveira, E2TECH CEO, “This partnership is another proof of the competition value. It also shows the innovative approach Exeedme has to Esports, and how it dynamizes the CS:GO scene, allowing its growth and professionalization.”



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