Exeedme Partners with Moralis for 2022 Gaming Hackathon

We are excited to present Moralis, our brand-new key-partner for the Exeedme Gaming Hackathon!

Moralis — Official Partner to the 2022 Gaming Hackathon

It is our great pleasure to present Moralis as the latest official partner to the 2022 Gaming Hackathon. The Gaming Hackathon will see developers compete for a total prize pool of +$25,000. Be sure to sign up today to enter the hackathon!

“Web3 is the biggest opportunity for developers and P2E is the fastest growing sector within web3 — Moralis is the leading NFT and metaverse development platform and we are proud to support the Exeedme hackathon.” said Ivan on Tech, Founder of Moralis.

The Hackathon in broad strokes?

This Hackathon is the competition for teams to develop their alpha game versions. There are literally no limits imposed over your imagination, however we are looking for some champion traits, like being mobile first and using NFTs to create an in-game economy.

Are you in?

It will take place from the 7th to the 31st of January and participants will be competing for a prize of +$25k among other things! We will be looking for quality submissions that can also wrap our partners’ technologies alongside. Register your entry here

“Moralis NFT API has all features needed to build cross chain NFT experiences. The Moralis Metaverse SDK is a Unity Game Engine plug-in that allows you to build web3 games in Unity.”

Tell me more,…Moralis

Moralis is bringing development into the Crypto Industry, and we’re here for it!

Moralis provides a managed backend for blockchain projects, automatically syncing the balances of your users into the database, allowing you to set up on-chain alerts, watch smart contract events, build indexes, and so more. All features are accessed through an easy-to-use Software Development Kit. Moralis-provided features are cross-chain by default.

Simple as 1, 2, 3 minutes!

Moralis is the fastest way to build and deploy dApps on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and others, with more coming. All Moralis dApps are cross-chain by default. Moralis built dApp are ensured to be future-proof. Even if new blockchains are invented, your dApp is assured.

Whether building a first blockchain project or being a seasoned developer — Moralis will make any project easier to build, maintain and improve.

Moralis’ SDK is how it all ties together. The JavaScript SDK is how your dApp interacts with your Moralis Server. Using the SDK, you can authenticate users, either through username and password or through a crypto wallet like MetaMask You can also use the SDK to get and set user data to fetch balances, NFTs, events, or transactions. Games such as Polymon World are examples beyond the most skeptical doubt that Moralis is an exceptional tool to create NFT-based games.

With all these tools Moralis offers, it becomes quite clear why this sponsorship is exciting for the possibilities that it opens to our participants, not just for now, but for all the exciting possibilities that open in the future!

Have a unique idea to share with us? Tell us more!

Discover more about Moralis on their own platforms:



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