Exeedme Partners with The ChainGuardians

3 min readFeb 19, 2021

We are extremely excited to reveal we will be forming a strategic partnership with the superb Chainguardians team.

As you know, Exeedme is a blockchain-powered tournament platform that acts as a competitive layer on top of centralised and decentralised games and allows gamers at all skill levels, developers and gaming communities to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of DeFi and NFT’s. With Exeedme gamers will be able to bet on their own victory with liquid cryptocurrencies and will explore the power of Game Mining every time they play, earning $XED and exclusive and rare NFTs they can trade, sell or use to access exclusive DeFi ang Gaming opportunities.

ChainGuardians is a platform which combines traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies to enable player-driven economies. Within the ChainGuardians ecosystem, players can participate in free-to-play NFT Mining Platform and Role-Playing Game; both of which allow players to earn income, turning your time and energy into tangible rewards

How we’ll work together

At Exeedme, we’re working to provide a slick competitive environment, but also committed to have solid anti-cheat features, which the ChainGuardians team will further investigate for their PvP game-play. Within the competitive environment, players will be able to “back” themselves while battling friends or opponents in order to earn $XED tokens and engage in ranking progression, competitions or milestones that can allow gamers to earn exclusive NFT rewards.

Additionally, the ChainGuardians team will work with the Exeedme team to bring the opportunity of onboarding their ecosystem games into our NFT mining platform.This will help ChainGuardians grow a strong PvP community as well as provide more options for their mining experience. The interoperability of NFTs between both projects is an important area of synergies as we both vouch for interoperability in the blockchain gaming industry.

Robbie Cochrane, Co-Founder and COO of ChainGuardians stated:

“When we met with Exceedme there was an instant synergy between what we are trying to achieve at ChainGuardians and what Nuno and his team are developing. We’d been long mulling over opportunities to allow users to add extra excitement into their game through betting on their own victory; and the Exceedme team are well on their way to empowering users to monetise their skills without the need to be a professional e-sports player which is vital for enabling play2earn economies.” Robbie Cochrane — Co-Founder and COO of ChainGuardians

And Nuno Fernandes, states:

“We were impressed by the dynamism and extensive knowledge of the ChainGuardians team in gaming development. We fell in love with the RPG game they have been developing and immediately agreed on exploring further how ChainGuardians gamers could challenge each other using Exeedme platform to improve the experience, leverage Play2Earn mechanics and work towards creating new esports successes”. Nuno Fernandes — Co-Founder and CEO of Exeedme

About Exeedme

Exeedme is a trusted and fair Play2Earn ecosystem that allows gamers at all skill levels, developers and gaming communities to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of innovations like DeFi and NFT’s. With Exeedme, gamers can play their favorite games, challenge an opponent, bet on their own victory and earn rewards for participating and progressing, ultimately enabling ALL players to make money off their skills.

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About ChainGuardians

ChainGuardians is the world’s first blockchain meets superheroes gaming ecosystem; combining traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technologies. ChainGuardians boasts the world’s first NFT Mining Game and awe-inspiring anime style artwork.

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Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills