Exeedme partners with Utrust

3 min readMar 4, 2021

It’s not news that the Esports market is undervalued and that there is a huge market opportunity to explore. The growth of the sector isn’t limited to dollars and cents. People love to play and watch eSports, and audience numbers are growing at a rapid pace. Every year a record is set, and 2019 came in at 433 million spectators. By 2023, over 600 million people are expected to be watching. For comparison, that’s more than the UEFA Champion’s League final and the Super Bowl. Combined.

At Exeedme, we are deeply engaged with the mission to allow all gamers to monetize their skills by democratizing the professionalization of Esports, through the power of Defi and NFTs. All this while ensuring a frictionless and enjoyable experience for gamers all the time.

So why not increase the options and the cryptocurrencies our users can use to play on Exeedme platform? Exeedme platform will add Utrust’s crypto processing capabilities to accept BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH and the payment token of the future UTK. Through Utrust’s seamless payment gateway and crypto to crypto features, Exeedme platform will ensure the best user experience for gamers to top up their accounts in an easy and fast manner and jump into what they love the most: playing video games.

Unleashing the power of Defi and NFTs together

Decentralised finance is a concept that does away with traditional intermediaries in financial operations, such as banks, brokers or exchanges. It empowers users to make their own decisions and their own financial moves using smart contracts, made secure by blockchain technology. Non-fungible tokens are digital objects that can’t be replicated. Their uniqueness is ensured, again, by the blockchain.

At Exeedme, we’re using both these innovations in order to allow gamers to create and be part of their own economy, without any overarching authority defining the rules of a truly open market. Gamers will be able to challenge each other, bet on themselves, and earn liquid rewards for doing so. Additionally they will be able to break walled-gardens of the gaming industry and freely exchange their rewards through digital currencies and unique digital objects.

The collaboration will also enable UTK holders to access and seize opportunities and experiences in the Exeedme platform.

“We want to enable all gamers to make money off their skills and have a seamless experience while doing so. That’s why we are ecstatic about bringing Utrust cutting-edge capabilities in blockchain payments to offer a smooth experience for our users”

Nuno Fernandes, CEO of Exeedme

Utrust Gaming Community

Utrust indirect involvement with our project comes from the beginning. Nuno Correia, Utrust’s CSO and President of the Board, is one of our strategic advisors, and has been following this project with the utmost attention.

“Exeedme is doing to the eSports sector what we are doing to payments. They are using this bleeding edge technology to make it better, fairer, freer and more open to everyone. There was never any doubt in my mind that Utrust would be partners with Exeedme sooner rather than later.”

Nuno Correia, CSO of Utrust

Utrust is helping us with their breadth of experience in the crypto payment process but this partnership goes much deeper.

Participating in this the Exeedme Blockchain Tournament is the first step to explore a dedicated Utrust Gaming community for Utrust users and stakers. We will be exploring together how a gaming community on Exeedme can give their community exclusive opportunities to engage with other members, play their favorite games, leverage their earnings and interact with some cool NFT innovations to increase bonds and have fun.

Utrust on the Exeedme Blockchain CS:GO Tournament

To celebrate this partnership, Utrust is putting together a team and entering the world’s first ever blockchain CS:GO tournament, organized by Exeedme.

The first match will be played against Ocean Protocol on Friday, 05/03, at 8pm GMT. Here’s the Twitch link, because you will not want to miss this.

As usual, there will be time for an exclusive AMA with Utrust community & all the audience. Don’t miss it, and take the unique chance to ask them your own questions, specially because there will be some rewards for those who stay with us,




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