Exeedme Public Roadmap: 2023

5 min readDec 29, 2022

Looking forward to 2023

Exeedme has been on a wild ride since its launch in December 2020. During these years, we had ups and downs, but we have kept consistency, since victories can only be achieved when we put in the necessary work. Bull markets are the moments we get rewarded for the work we put in during the bear market. Those that hunker down, keep building, keep growing, keep improving, solve BIG problems and have BIG dreams, are the ones that reap the rewards of the bull.

We need to cross the chasm! While blockchains are the critical infrastructure to empower individuals, they are in a stage where they need to feel invisible to the common user. That will be the BIG challenge of next generation web3 products like Exeedme. In order for gaming to have a key role in the mass adoption of blockchain, we need to use blockchain abstraction to create seamless web3 consumer experiences that make it easy for users to enjoy gaming while experiencing all the benefits of digital property rights.

Exeedme’s mission is to create a world where gamers have fun and become economically free. This is an incredibly arduous task, but it’s one that we would be honored to keep working in 1, 5 or 10 years from now. To achieve it, we believe competitive gaming and digital property rights are the key ingredients. While esports has already shown its potential, digital property rights are just scratching the surface. If we can make it user-friendly, it will be possible for gamers to enjoy themselves, while also having the freedom and security of owning their own digital property.

Exeedme’s Goal for the next 12 months is to deliver the tools for gaming communities to organize competitions that improve the experience for all involved. This includes not only the gamers themselves, but also the viewers and brands. By providing the necessary infrastructure for communities to host their own competitions and events, Exeedme aims to enhance the overall gaming experience for everyone involved. Whether you are a competitive gamer looking for new challenges, a viewer looking for exciting content to watch, or a brand looking to engage with the gaming community, Exeedme is committed to creating a space in metagames for all. These metagames will accelerate the adoption of digital property rights, creating a new surface of monetization for gamers, tournament organizers and esports organizations.

Core focus

Infrastructure for Competition customization

This allows each gaming community to customize competitions (tournaments, ladders, quests, and more) to suit their specific needs and preferences. This will allow communities to tailor the rules, format, prize pools, sponsors positioning, integrations and other details of their competitions to create the best possible experience for their members. With these features, communities will have greater control over the competitions they host, enabling them to create unique and engaging experiences for their members.

Game abstraction

The tools released will allow communities to create competitions for any game — mobile, PC, console, web2, web3, etc. This will give equality of opportunities for any community and game to be onboarded on Exeedme.

Community Building

Focus on onboarding gaming communities instead of a gamer by gamer approach. This will allow us to shift investment from performance ads in Facebook, Google and other platforms that capture the whole value and shift that budget to prize pools for communities’ tournaments where that value goes directly to the gamers. This will also help us get closer to groups of gamers in order to build more features that meet their requirements.

Business Development

We will be focusing on a B2B offering. Clubs, leagues and brands are losing their ties to younger generations that love gaming, while on the other side, gaming communities struggle to find partners that help fund their competitions and experiences. Joining the HYPE GVA 3.0 Accelerator program will be a major enabler in 2023 to pitch our products to +1450 clubs, leagues and brands, counting names such as PSG and Manchester United.

New Economy

Upgrade the $XED token utility within our competitive gaming platform. First, we will create new drains, sources and converters allowing a broader use of $XED for all stakeholders and use it as the first step to access digital property rights. Secondly, we are working to make it more user-friendly and lower the barriers to use $XED, as it would almost feel invisible.

Professional Esports tooling

Focus on onboarding more CS:GO organizations for the private alpha while adding new features to turn raw esports data into powerful & transparent visual tools to evaluate players’ and team’s performance and automate training processes with data-driven insights that will help any team perform at full potential.


Described as games beyond games. We are focusing on using blockchain to unlock value in a number of peripheral areas surrounding skill-based games, from sponsorships, crowdfunding, fantasy, cosmetic items, etc. After the tooling for organizers, esports organizations and gamers is polished, tokenization of metagames will be stage 2. We are creating the right environment for Metagames development to start during 2023.

Web3 Gaming Content

Increase resources in the matter of Web3 Gaming, meaning a place where gamers can go for game discovery, web3 gaming knowledge, and education.

Exeedme is upgrading in Seasons

The platform updates will be released in seasons to allow for more significant updates in features, competitions available/tournament organizers onboarded, rebalances in the economy, and anything that will improve the competitive experience. This way, both the gaming community and our development team can better manage technological shifts.

Instead of the typical quarter's roadmap, expect a lot of agility from this team. The mission is clear, and the plan is solid, but how we will get there will also be a function of your contribution, your ideas and your dreams. Be part of this journey and join our Discord!

We hope that everyone has a great end of 2022. We are extremely excited and optimistic about what the future holds for Exeedme in 2023. We are eager to aggressively pursue our goals and make the most of the opportunities that come our way.

Let’s Exeed!

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