4 min readDec 3, 2021

In the name of the Tournament Organization, we would like to clarify what happened yesterday during the eSuba — SAW match, what actions were taken to solve the situation, and why they were taken.

It was explicitly shared before the start of the Tournament to all the teams, which server location would be chosen for the matches — Berlin and Paris. It is important to mention that these locations and servers were the same used during the Closed Qualifiers of the Competition. Berlin Server was the chosen one by default. If both playing teams agreed, the organization could change the server to Paris. That situation happened, for example, in the match between forZe and eSuba .

We have been analysing the information available and in order to be completely transparent and clear we decided to share some facts from SAW vs eSuba Match:

  • After the map veto, the French server was suggested by the admin considering it the fairest option despite the fact that bad routing can always occur. Routing depends on the ISP of each player and can deviate at any time.
  • After both teams joined the server, eSuba reported that one player as well as its coach were having 30% loss on the server connection.
  • After this report, not only the admin but also Team SAW tried to find a solution such as RR router; changing client ports or VPN.
  • As none of those worked, it was decided that both teams should join the German server, which both did.
  • On one hand this change increased the ping for both teams but on the other reduced the eSuba losses to 5–10%, creating a worse overall ping level but, at the same time, and following Exeedme’s principles, a better level playing field, according to the ping levels analysed by the Tournament Organizer.
  • After Team SAW did not agree to play on a worse overall ping level and after no understanding was reached between both teams regarding the server to be played, the Tournament Admin followed firstly the default server rule and secondly the level playing field principle, and decided to play the match on the German server.
  • At this time, it was also suggested by Team SAW that the organization could use one of the Team Servers. Although we appreciated the suggestion, this solution couldn’t be ever seen as a fair and transparent option as the control of gaming conditions would be centralised on a single entity that was also taking part in the competitive match.
  • Additionally, it was suggested that the Organizer should buy a new server. Although the Organiser recognises the merit of such an option, it also recognises that it was not possible to run all configurations needed (in order to make it transparent and independent) in due time. This would compromise the calendar, production, logistics and was not a feasible option in the short term for this match.
  • We are fully aware that this was not the ideal situation, however it was in our view the wisest decision to make.
  • After the final decision was communicated, SAW decided to not play the match on the German server.
  • They were then informed at 14h15 GMT that they had 15 minutes to join the match, otherwise they would get a default, which they did get.
  • In the second game of SAW vs MASONIC, a few minutes before the official veto time (16H15 GMT), we approached the two teams to test the French server in the first instance.
  • After testing the server, both teams agreed that this was the server to be used in the match.
  • After the veto ended and some SAW players were already present on the server, we were informed by the SAW manager that they decided to abandon the tournament by choice.

During the course of the matches and with the teams’ feedback, we acknowledged that there was a need for another server location, which we immediately started to resolve. Unfortunately, the setup of a new server takes a couple of hours considering the GOTVs setup (and the 15+ channels spread worldwide that were streaming and casting our matches).

In regard to SAW abandoning the Tournament: it’s a decision we obviously respect but are sincerely sorry for. There was no agreement on both sides to change the server to Paris for the match against eSuba, and therefore, we maintained the decision to keep the “default” server in Berlin, following the rules and the level playing field principle. In their second match, against MASONIC, they also decided to not play, although everything was already set up and there was no issue with the server anymore. Once again, we respect their decision but would like to highlight to all the participants and fans that we are and will always be committed to finding solutions within the constraints of timing, calendar, production and overall transparency and fair-play.

From our side, we’ll keep on working to make sure everything runs smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises for the next phases.

Exeedme Revolution Team




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