Exeedme Uniswap Liquidity Program — February Distribution

Today marks the day of the first token reward distribution of our very popular Uniswap Liquidity Program, with 50,000 XED allocated to all whitelisted Liquidity Providers.

It is important to remember that since we announced the rewards program on the 29th January, Liquidity Providers had only some hours to enroll in the program to be eligible to get February rewards. As such we decided to reduce the locking period of 30 days for this first month,and all LPs that provided liquidity until 10th February and fulfill all the other eligibility conditions, were eligible to receive their share of rewards this month.

As we’ve had a lot of questions over the past few days, here are some stats for February:

  • Total Liquidity $1.6 Million provided by 119 Liquidity Providers
  • We’ve had a total of 121 whitelisted applicants!
  • 25 of those are eligible for February’s payout
  • 51 are participating , but started providing liquidity after 10th of February and will only get paid next month
  • Altogether 76 of whitelisted participants are eligible and earning XED each day.
  • Total Uniswap trading Volume in February: $24.2 million
  • Uniswap Transaction Fees Paid to Liquidity Providers in February: $72.7k

NFT Multiplier

Earlier this month we announced that we were giving utility to the Gold Medal NFTs by making them a multiplier of liquidity rewards. This means that if someone owned one of these NFTs in the same wallet they are providing liquidity, it would act as a 2x booster for the Uniswap Liquidity Rewards Program. The bids for these NFTs went as high as 0.6ETH on OpenSea, but the current owners know how difficult it was to win this medal and believing in the increasing value of these exclusive NFTs refused to sell. Let’s see if any of the LPs can manage to put their hands on these NFTs and boost their rewards during this month of March

Number of Participants in the Uniswa Liquidity Program
Top Liquidity Providers as at 28/02

For more information on how to join our Uniswap Liquidity Program, please follow this link

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