Exeedme ULTIMATE WARZONE SERIES: 1 Week and a 10 000$ Prizepool

Exeedme welcomes its second game, CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE

Are you ready for the single greatest tournament our #Play2Earn environment has ever seen?

You better be.

We are extremely excited to announce that the Exeedme platform will be host to a single game no longer. We are welcoming the second title of what we know will be an extensive library: CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE.

It’s a game that’s special to many of you, and certainly to many of us at Exeedme as well. One hundred million players play COD: Warzone, and Activision has also announced that the entire series has already sold over 400 MILLION copies of COD games.

Now, for the first time ever, players of all skill-levels will be able to enjoy this game and earn in the process.

How do we celebrate this?

The Ultimate Warzone Series is as ambitious as it gets

We are aiming to outdo ourselves in every aspect of the game: we want more matches, larger prizes, bigger rewards, more players, and for every single one of you to finish the event with the acute awareness that they just experienced something special.

Here is how we are going to achieve it:

Our CEO sure seems to be excited:

“Anyone who knows what Exeedme is about knows that this is pretty close to our ideal gaming scenario. Gamers will earn by playing one of the most important games in the world, and they can play as much or as little as they want. Gamers get to define what scores you need to win, and how many matches are played. Almost everything is in their hands. That’s the dream”, said Nuno Fernandes.

How can you join?

It couldn’t be simpler. Just register your account, verify it, and join the tournament named: The Ultimate Warzone. It’s open to everyone, and every kill can make a difference.

How do the ladders work?

Every kill and every point gets tallied for every single match. Every day there’s a new Daily Ladder, and whoever five players have the five best matches will lead by midnight. They get the prizes. The Main Ladder, however, never resets. It counts everything. By the end of the tournament, the leaders take home the big prize.

What are the prizes?

Every daily ladder is worth 714 USD. You read that right. Every single one. Every day.

The Main Ladder? 5000 USD. We won’t even make a witty comment here. The number does all the talking.

Are you ready?

We thought so.



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