2 min readApr 14, 2022


Exeedme Rank System

Exeedme’s Ranking system is… Ranking up!

Exeedme is launching a new XP system to reward their most loyal gamers/players. Keep reading below to understand what’s coming!

So, what is it?

Let’s keep it simple, so you can do what you came here for, Play2Earn! The more you play, the more you get rewarded! Every time you sign up to a daily ladder or a battle, you get rewarded according to the number of times you play and the score you’re able to pull off;

How does it work? New ways to Earn!

Besides being rewarded by playing directly, users will also have several other types of challenges:

  • Bonus tasks — We’re introducing special one-time tasks that only require one action. Follow Exeedme socials, join the discord server, get specific placement on ladders, and some more… Come on, did you want to find everything now?;
  • Streaks — Do you just keep on coming back? Already have an usual order? We like to reward the regulars, that is exactly why we will be rewarding player streaks. If you log in daily or join a daily battle, over the course of 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days, the bigger the streak, the bigger the rewards… So, how far can you make your streak go?;
  • Challenges — weekly & monthly — for our most hardcore gamers that want to take on a challenge head-on, you can put your skills on the line in completing the specific challenges that we’ll have waiting for you! So, grab your caffeine and motivation supply!

Want to Climb up the Ladder? You better work for it!

Players will have a total of 100 Levels to tackle in the first release of the Exeedme XP.

Big just hold on your horses, there’s more! With each new level reached, you will be granted a special badge that will be visible alongside your profile! Show us that sweet bling! Other than being able to flash your new badge in front of other gamers, the XP accumulated inside the Exeedme platform will also serve as a future in-platform currency, granting you not only access to specific tournaments and events, but also the ability to spend these credits in Exeedme products and services in the near future.

Now, think of all the possible prizes and awards that might still amount with this little stir in the system! Skin drops? NFT’s? Exclusive Tournaments?…the sky really is the limit! Excited?

What about you, what would you like to be able to do with your XP?




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