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3 min readMay 7, 2021


Around two weeks ago a XED/BNB Farm and a Syrup Pool went liveon Pancakeswap, and it was a huge success, having currently more than $10M in total value locked and a current APR on the XED/BNB farm of 246%.

XED/BNB LP Farm ion Pancakeswap

From now on, Farming and growing automatically your XED-BNB on Pancakeswap will become even easier, thanks to, and the farmers won’t need to manually do the process any more.

But how does it work in practice?

It’s so easy that it’s hard to believe:

All users have to do is deposit the XED/BNB LP into Beefy’s BNB/XED Vault and Beefy will take care of everything else — automatically selling earned CAKE to buy more XED and BNB and staking it to get more CAKE and growing XED/BNB automatically.

And the good news is: the process occurs repeatedly, over and over, for maximum yield with zero extra work by the user.

XED/BNB Vault on Beefy Finance

Let’s put it into practice: if you were an actual farmer, this new feature unboxed by Beefy would be an extra powerful tractor that would definitely revolutionize the way you have always farmed, and of course, increase benefit with lower effort from your side!

And as far as we’re not yet all humanoids, let’s assume we have limited capacity to maximize yield as quickly and efficiently as a well-designed algorithm., in partnership with Exeedme, is here to make your life easier and make sure your farming is always taking place, so you don’t need to do anything about it, just get the return on your investment!

In order to keep track of things, the user can easily type in their address on a service like Yieldwatch and follow exactly what they deposited, how much they have earned on the LP, etc.

We’re always on the lookout for the best experience to our users, fans, LPs and holders! This way, we can guarantee you’ll have more and more time for what really matters to you, and you can play even more at Exeedme!

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