How Polygon is helping Exeedme bridge web 2.0 games to web 3.0 Play2Earn environments

4 min readJul 27, 2021

Since Exeedme first came to be, the company’s goal couldn’t be simpler: we wanted to create new revenue streams for gamers. The gaming economy has always been unbalanced. And it has always been to the detriment of gamers.

The industry has always seen its true audience as customers. The communities that make gaming, a living and breathing industry, were always the source of revenue and never the ones who benefited from it.

We exist because we decided we’ve had enough of that.

Evidently, if we’re going to make gamers earn while they play, we have to find efficient and fast ways to do so — we don’t want gamers’ potential earnings to be left on the sidelines. And that’s why choosing the network infrastructure(s) we build on is key.

We have been researching the blockchains that best fit our products

The whole concept of #Play2Earn relies on the capacity of this wonderful technology to create decentralised economies around platforms, and, in our case, games. There are many ways for gamers to monetise their gaming time, and it’s our job to explore them.

This is why we’ve been looking into different and diverse forms of monetisation but also at the infrastructure that could allow those forms to scale.

Polygon, as an Ethereum scaling solution, is already offering the infrastructure for what Exeedme is building: a bridge between Web2.0 gaming and Web 3.0 Play2Earn environments. They are building a Layer2 solution that not only understands the potential of blockchain technology for gaming, but actually drives it further.

In a nutshell, what Polygon offers is a scaling solution that, in our view, improves user experience at scale.

The potential of this for gaming is huge.

Polygon is extremely deep into gaming and NFTs

Let us give you some examples of projects that are already working with them:

  • OpenSea, the world’s first and largest NFT market;
  • Aavegotchi, a DeFi powered digital friend;
  • SkyWeaver, a trading card game where you can own your cards;

Polygon technology is so disruptive that it has attracted a lot of attention in recent times, with a significant investment from Mark Cuban. And they are putting that money to good use. They already have over 100,000 gamers and 500 decentralised apps on their network, creating a growing ecosystem where knowledge and network effects can be leveraged

They are not only developing the tech, they are actually helping on-chain gaming startups get their start and develop their projects. Polygon has launched Polygon Studio with that very purpose.

We are starting with Game Mining

We will surely be exploring the enormous potential of Polygon, but the first feature we are going to be implementing is Game mining.

Game Mining is a revolutionary concept (currently in closed beta for some lucky early adopters) where we allow all our gamers to make the most not only of their gaming hours but also of their tokens. Now, you do know what staking is, correct? It’s essentially a way of earning passive income by allowing the blockchain to use your tokens while you aren’t. You park them, you earn. Simple.

But we go a step further:

By staking $XED with us, and thanks to Polygon’s tech, we will be able to go a little further. We will not only provide access to a number of exclusive features, but we will also reward you for doing what you love most: gaming.

You will be earning $XED for every game you play.

You will be earning $XED for every transaction on the marketplace.

We want to make our platform prone to microtransactions, we want to make it as fast and as low-cost as we possibly can, and this Polygon will offer an alternative to do that.

We are building the future of gaming

The future of gaming is multichain. The future of gaming is you earning through many revenue streams in many diverse ways. The future of gaming has gamers at its very core and is Play2Earn.

We are building it.

Join us.

About Exeedme

Exeedme is a trusted and fair Play2Earn ecosystem that allows gamers at all skill levels, developers and gaming communities to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of innovations like DeFi and NFT’s. With Exeedme, gamers can play their favorite games, challenge an opponent, bet on their own victory and earn rewards for participating and progressing, ultimately enabling ALL players to make money off their skills.

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Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills