Introducing Exeedme — a DeFi and NFT Powered Gaming Platform

Built on Polkadot.

4 min readDec 7, 2020

How can gamers earn money from playing the games they love?

For the past decade the dominant business model in the gaming industry has been Free2Play. This model has propelled the industry and has made 1 in 4 people in the world a gamer–for a total of 2.7 billion gamers worldwide, according to Newzoo.

However as we enter a new era, gamers are becoming increasingly frustrated with Free2Play’s predatory monetization through in-app bundle purchases and ads aggressively marketed at strategic points in the games.

61% say they experienced post-purchase regret after making an in-game purchase.

With a growing Esports industry, people have started to ask how many gamers actually make money from gaming. In reality, only professional gamers make any significant earnings monetising their video game skills. But becoming a pro requires tremendous skill and time investments. Very rarely can ordinary or casual players earn money.

Current game monetization models are exhausted

Gamers feel they are not getting enough value. They feel exploited by the industry when in fact they are the key stakeholders. Gamers spend months grinding to earn in-game coins and collecting gear, only to get stuck with assets they can’t monetize or transfer to other digital worlds. Exeedme offers a way for gamers to monetize their skills and create tradable value for digital items and collectables that they have worked so hard for.

A Blockchain-based Gamer Economy

Blockchain, DeFi and NFT innovations built on Polkadot will allow for peer-to-peer gamer skill and item economies to emerge. These economies will be gamer-centric and focused on rewarding players in first place. Exeedme’s technology will enable the majority of money flows in its economy to go directly to gamers of all skill levels. Gamers no longer have to be professionals to earn money playing video games. Exeedme’s technology will democratise the video game monetisation industry and allow new entrants to jump in. We will keep things fair with our anti-cheat and robust matchmaking systems.

Our vision is to build a fair and trusted Play2Earn Polkadot-powered gaming platform where gamers can play their favorite games, challenge an opponent and bet on their own victory–enabling ALL players to make money off their skills.

Exeedme is about using blockchain to allow for skill monetization through digital currencies and assets with open market dynamics, giving gamers a superior sense of ownership and control.

Exeedme will create new revenue streams for gamers: they earn with their winnings; earn crypto rewards for their engagement; and earn NFTs with their progress such as trophies, collectibles and in-game assets they own and are able to trade or monetize.


Most games have been run on closed-loop ecosystems that Exeedme will break wide open. Exeedme is fostering gaming interoperability by creating a platform where players can play games and be rewarded in crypto, XED and NFTs from various blockchains. Exeedme’s future roadmap includes a decentralized exchange (DEX) ecosystem where players can trade, swap, auction and purchase rare NFTs and game/community specific cryptocurrencies (custom tokens) across multiple blockchains. Ultimately, building on Polkadot will ensure that any data or asset will be transferable between game universes on different blockchains, resulting in a digital multiverse that ensures higher liquidity and inclusion.

Game Studios and Developers

Content creators are key stakeholders in the video game industry, as they create the worlds and games that gamers enjoy. Ultimately, Exeedme’s vision is to create an ecosystem where developers can turn their games into Esports, create in-game assets, incentivise beta testers and find gamers who compete to earn bounties.

Anyone (gamers, brands, Esports teams, etc.) will be able to create communities, organise and run matches, tournaments or leagues and craft unique NFTs to expand the gaming experience with access to a number of DeFi opportunities to bootstrap their environments across multiple blockchains.

We want to create a fair ecosystem that compels gamers, developers and organisers to push boundaries, defy limits, break records, exceed themselves and make a living doing what they love the most: Playing video games!

The gaming industry has been run inside walled gardens and supported by aggressive marketing monetization for too long. With powerful tools like Polkadot, DeFi, and NFTs we are revolutionising the gaming industry. Our mission is to give the control back to the gamer, and maximise player enjoyment and rewards.

Join Exeedme in creating the next generation gamer-centric blockchain economy.

Private-sale details and the full roadmap are going to be released soon, so join the conversation on our Telegram.

Let’s Exeed!




Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills