Introducing the Exeedme Roadmap (Part I)


The Exeedme team is excited to release our initial roadmap, and also to outline our plans for the future.

Our mission is to build a platform that helps gamers gain value by engaging in matches and tournaments, and completing milestones to progress in Exeedme’s emergent gamer-centric economy.

The goal is to have our final version of Exeedme in the Polkadot Ecosystem: a robust cross-chain platform that’s designed for an interoperable digital metaverse. We want to enable our gamers to transact their digital assets (in-game items, data, or cryptocurrencies) across multiple blockchains for true interoperability.

However, since Polkadot is not ready for the deployment of smart contracts, Exeedme’s first Beta and Phase 1 features will be developed on Ethereum. We see this as a necessary stepping stone to get our product out there and be able to iterate with feedback from our community.

Roadmap Brief

To ensure that investors and users can track our progress, we are sharing this roadmap for Exeedme’s first year, and also our outlook for 12 months from now. The first months are crucial for any project, and this roadmap ensures we have a battle plan for the near and long terms. Progress has already begun!

Our goal is to create a robust Play2Earn blockchain tournament platform that allows gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills and create competitive gaming networks. These networks will be powered by blockchains, NFTs and DeFi.

The Roadmap will have two phases: one focused on empowering gamers, and a second one focused on empowering communities, game developers and enabling interoperability (to be further explored in a second article).

Phase 1: Empowering gamers

Q1 2021: BETA Release

In the past months, we’ve been actively developing the first version of Exeedme. The goal for this Beta is to allow gamers to compete in the first game available on the platform: CounterStrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Gamers will be able to challenge friends to compete for stakes funded with liquid cryptocurrencies such as ETH and USDT.

Matchmaking & Anti-Cheat Beta

If your friends are not yet on the platform, don’t worry because we will use our matchmaking system to ensure you play against similar skill players. The first version of the anti-cheat system will also be integrated using telemetry and game state data to ensure there is no foul play by any gamers.

The initial version will be made accessible to Pro gamers, Streamers and our main Liquidity Providers on Uniswap. The exact benefits for providing $XED pairs liquidity on Uniswap will be announced after listing.

Last but not least, Exeedme will be operating as a Tournament Organizer for skill-based games. We already have clearance from over a dozen national regulators to start operations. Exeedme will be also filing for a UK Gambling License as well to further expand our offering.

This whole phase serves to create a solid foundation to build the Exeedme ecosystem for the next generation of gaming, enabled by blockchain!

Q2 2021: Game Mining 1.0

Staking pools in the platform will be made available, which will be used to unlock most of the rewards within the Exeedme ecosystem.

The first version of Game Mining is set to be released allowing $XED stakers to earn rewards for simply playing on the network! Exeedme wants to reward players for using the platform, so gamers will be effectively game mining $XED every time they play. $XED tokens are earned regardless of players winning or losing. The $XED staking mechanism will act as a positive feedback loop for gamers; the more $XED that is staked the more $XED that is earned through Game Mining.

$XED Tournaments are the next thing which will allow for higher forms of competition with prizes funded with $XED and liquid cryptocurrencies, and trophies in exclusive NFTs! $XED Tournaments will be made available depending on staking tiers.

Anti-Cheat 2.0

Enhanced tools forged through community feedback will create an even fairer playing environment. By allowing players to activate community-driven oracles, we will tap into the wisdom of the crowd to video-referee games.


The infrastructure and features developed in these two quarters will be the foundation of the first phase of empowering gamers to Exeed. Our technology will ensure that a majority of the rewards flows directly to gamers.

In the next article we will be deep diving into the second phase of our roadmap where we unlock NFT possibilities and focus on empowering communities and game developers, who are also key stakeholders in the Exeedme Ecosystem.

For more information on our Rodamp, check out the Exeedme Whitepaper

Let’s Exeed!







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Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills