Kicking off the Exeedme NFT Challenges

You know we love a good challenge, right? And how about a new one, to reward the best NFT Collectors in our community?

We’re excited to launch a new product that will shake the Moment’s market and give our collectors more opportunities to grow their collections faster, our new NFT challenges.

The mechanics are quite simple:

  1. Go to our Challenges tab. Here you will see all live and closed challenges.
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Hit the button “Participate” until the deadline of the Challenge to be eligible.
  4. Make sure you collect the NFTs required by the challenge and have them in your wallet by the time the Challenge ends (and we do the snapshot)!

You can check your progress and which NFTs are part of the current challenge here.

To kick things off like pros, we want you to start collecting the best “ACE” Moments of the First Edition Drop. We won’t tell you which Moments exactly to go for, so all you have to do is make sure you have at least 6 “Ace” Moments of any rarity or from any player in your wallet before our snapshot.

Completing a challenge is always a good sensation and gives you some bragging rights, but no experience is complete without a prize, right?

As that is the case, Collectors who are able to complete their challenge at the snapshot time, on the 29th of September at 1 pm GMT will receive 1 Rare pack of our next drop.

Now, go get’em!!

Good luck!



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