Looking back at 2022

5 min readDec 16, 2022


In this article, we will take a closer look at our developments in 2022, examining our performance against a challenging Roadmap and uncertain environment. We will analyze the key factors that have contributed to its success and consider what lessons can be learned from this past year in order to navigate these challenging times full of new opportunities for the web3 gaming industry.

Only through a thoughtful, sincere and deep auto-analysis can a project develop the proper and adequate tools to face challenges and further grow and develop, so this is the main aim of this article. To share this reflection with the Exeedme Community.

A new Interface

One of the goals established for 2022 was to establish a new interface in the Exeedme Platform. This objective has been fully implemented, and the new design allowed our users to enter competitions faster and smoother as well as a better experience to earn digital asset prizes.

Lower barriers to earn

In 2022, Exeedme established a desire that converted into a plan to lower barriers to earn on the platform. We are glad to announce that this plan has fully been implemented. A risk-based approach for KYC and free daily ladders were the two features that most contributed to our improvements. The free daily ladders were the most successful competitions for this year. Free daily ladders are key to drive adoption of web3 gaming as we transfer marketing budgets that would typically go to social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook and now go directly to gamer’s wallets.

Soldiers Society DAO & Game

Unfortunately, we were forced to abandon the project as the sales of the Soldiers collection didn’t achieve the pre-defined threshold to create a DAO and build a game — more here. Sadly, game development is not a part of our competences, so we wouldn’t be able to carry this out on our own, in-house, needing a game studio partnership or additional hefty funds to carry out what we had set out to. We will continue to look for other opportunities for growth and success for the Soldiers within Exeedme ecosystem.

Launchpad Alpha: XPAD

After organizing a Web3 Gaming Hackathon in the beginning of 2022 it became pretty clear that web3 game developers were in need of tools to bootstrap their games and access a community of gamers that can provide initial feedback and be part of their journey. We were confident that a launchpad focused on competitive gaming was sufficient but as we chatted with more and more developers we have realized that game developers need much more than that. That’s why XPAD focused first on creating safe environments where developers can test their games, secondly craft competitions to help build their competitive environment and, more than anything, help them build a community, and only in third place launch their digital assets. The first game launched was Crypto Bird and we got extremely valuable lessons from this launch. We are also happy that we have created a new dedicated platform web3 gaming where you can find new content, research and web3 competitions.

Mobile Gaming

The goal to bring mobile gaming into Exeedme is partly completed. We have launched Crypto Bird as a desktop game that is mobile responsive, and this worked as a first experiment in the mobile gaming ecosystem. The plan is to bring massively played mobile games in 2023.

Exeedme Live

It feels very good to say that the goal to bring gaming entertainment and Web3 gaming content to our community was fully implemented. We have brought Skilar, DZking, Thais, Maris, and they, as your content creators, brought us a range of activities ranging from playing games, testing new web3 games, entering competitions and even tattooing live 👀. The content produced is to be kept up in 2023.


Implemented. In all of our daily ladders we introduced the option for gamers to connect their Twitch account and be able to stream their gaming sessions to the remaining community earning additional XP. On top of this we made an experiment on XPAD, called Vote2Earn. The goal of Vote2Earn was to crowdsource the gamers’ community knowledge to choose the best games to be supported by XPAD, either through content creation, competitions development or digital assets launch, and reward them for being part of this journey.

Multi Asset prizes

The challenge we took on, having multi-asset prizes, is on the way to being coquested. The first experiments have been conducted. During 2022 we decided to make some experiments in terms of having competitions with CS:GO skins, NFTs and even a more diversified source of tokens. The Crypto Bird was particularly relevant to try different prize pools as we have partnered with other entities to run branded ladders. These entities contributed to the prize pool with their own tokens and NFT collections. We don’t want to spoil the surprises, but next year we would like to revamp the economy and that will take into account the learnings from these experiences.

Esports assistant

The Roadmap of 2022 had the intention of developing an Esports assistant.This is checkers as implemented. This product was the one that required the biggest slice of energy from the development team. They were heads down building the missing piece for every esports team that wants to perform at the highest level and bring objectivity to their game analysis. We are happy to share that it is already in alpha mode, being battle-tested by some professional CS:GO teams, which has helped immensely in receiving feedback and polishing the product. Although we haven’t been very vocal about this project, this is one that we truly believe to have the ingredients to be a piece of cutting edge technology for innovative esports organizations.

Revolution League

After the success of the Revolution Tournament, we wanted to bring a new recurring format in 2022. Although we haven’t had enough hands to put this competition together we hope that 2023 will bring new competition formats in partnership with Tournament Organisers that will blow your mind.

In a nutshell

In drawing to a close, 2022 was nothing short of a challenging year, not only for Exeedme, but also for the globe we inhabit, and inevitably for the global economy.

However, what makes the difference between sink or swim in this kind of adversities is the Darwinian ability to adapt. The capability to look at adversity as an opportunity, the perspective to look at an obstacle as a potential ladder is what distinguishes good from great.

As we enter a recession, we have to remember that Gaming is counter cyclical which means that people prefer to save more on real life entertainment in exchange for increasing digital consumables and time playing games and we will be here to offer them high quality entertainment. We will be here to constantly exceed and deliver on our mission to make gamers have fun and achieve economic freedom.

About Exeedme

Exeedme is a web3 online tournament platform creating a gamer-driven economy where gamers can compete on their favourite games, grow their skills and invest in the web3 gaming digital ecosystem. Exeedme has organised over 100,000 competitive matches in CS:GO, COD: Warzone and Dota2. It is bridging the gap between web2 games and web3 environments and has pioneered the ever first blockchain crowdfunded tournament in 2021.




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