Monthly Recap: November

3 min readNov 30, 2022

With November gone, comes the promise of family celebration, big family dinners around generous tables and hopefully all the joy you can need to make some wishes for the new year.

We know, it already smells like Christmas. Trust us, we feel it too. But just before you run off for some Christmas Shopping, give yourself a breather and allow yourself the time to find out how November was at Exeedme.

The DeNites Collaboration

The Exeedme Team is always looking for chances to open up new opportunities to its community, this is the reason why we work on so many different partnerships, we believe this is how we enrich this community.

And that might be why we were so happy to bring forth the sponsorship of the new Season of the DeNites DAO and being a part of their DAO brings us pride and makes us happier than a duck with bread!

The Crypto Bird private ladder NFT Blues

Just before restaurants and offices get filled with Christmas Parties, (some tamer, some wilder), it was time for our very own Web3 game host to entertain a little party once more.

The Crypto Bird knows how to throw a party and we couldn’t be more happy about that!

This time the guests were the NFT Blues, and with 65 unique players, 1.7K games played, and a total prize distribution of $250, honestly we are just relieved they didn’t bring the house down!

The Token 2049 Conference

This year, in His Majesty’s capital, London, took place a very special event, the Token 2049 Conference, where the goal was Meeting the Leading Voices in Crypto. So naturally, Exeedme had to be there, represented by our very one CEO, Nuno Fernandes. If you are interested in this, you can have some of his main insights here, by the man himself.

Double or Nothing, now for CS:GO

The Double or Nothing format is now available for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was already available for DOTA2 and COD, and now it’s the CS:GO crew time.

Do you know the deal? Or should we go over what the Double or Nothing is? Let’s review the lesson: If you think your skills are sharp, tell us, are you willing to bet on it?

If you stay in the top half of the competition, we double your earnings. If not, you know the nature of betting, right? Better luck next time.

The XPAD’s Great Launching and the Roundtable

The XPAD had its very official debut this month, with a home that is more than worth taking a look at. The content just keeps on sprouting out of the ground week after week.

And what better way to celebrate such a date than with a Roundtable of friends talking about Web3 Games and the future.

When friends like Nuno Fernandes, Omar Ghanem, Eldar Basic, Daniel Kloud and Ben Hatley get together, you just know good ideas will come out.

If you wish you didn’t miss it, we have good news for you, right here.

And with the XPAD came a lot of…

Game Reviews

Take your time exploring the XPAD’s homepage, you will find there a small, but steadily increasing Database of Game Reviews, but not just. You can also count on insights on the Web3 world in general. All we can say is, it is very worth staying tuned.

The Madeira Blockchain Conference

Exeedme was represented at the Madeira Blockchain Conference. Joana Barros, our Chief Community Officer was there for a roundtable on the topic of Unlocking E-games Potential with Blockchain.

And honestly, this feels like a little early Christmas present for this team and community, doesn’t it? We could not be more happy about how this month turned out, and cannout wait to see what Santa has in store for us.




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