Montly Recap: September

4 min readOct 1, 2022

And after August comes September, and we know it’s the month where most of us say goodbye to vacation time and kickstart our working time. So we might be feeling a little gloomy, the end of Summer is upon us, days are getting shorter and shorter, and soon you will blink and soup and blanket weather will be here.

But every change is a chance for a new beginning, and that’s how we at Exeedme are choosing to look at this month! Who likes the Outdoors anyway!

So, on this Recap of September, we not only look back, but at the same time, invite you to look forward, not just invite. As we look back, we dare you to also look forward.

The Top Earners of Exeedme

Looking back, this month was one where, while we started organising the workload for the upcoming Quarter, we decided to take a little look at who really was pulling their weight and making the Capital C in Competition. We said we didn’t mean to just look back. So here’s the challenge, why don’t you, dear reader, try to come for one of these crowns? Why don’t you try to be one of the next top earners?

The Ambassadors Referral Program

Now this one, this one is a twofer, we look back and forward all at the same time. Now that’s what we call efficiency! We remember the launching of the Ambassadors Referral Program, and how this was the month we decided to redesign the Ambassador’s Program a little. And, into looking back at the Program and creating some change in it, we prepare it for change, we prepare it for new faces, weder they come by referral, or enter our home by their very own two feet. So, are you in?

The Crypto Bird Private Ladders

Now, you may know that September is a month to cool down, start saying goodbye to Summer and maybe even establish some new goals and responsibilities. But do you know who was not fully ready to take this step yet? That’s right! The Crypto Bird!

Two times this month, the Crypto Bird invited Gamer Guilds over to have some private Ladders and party like it was nobody’s business, and in the middle of the week, no less! In one week it was Metagaming Guild, and in the next one it was Gamer Hash coming over, and we’re lucky no-one called the police, because we don’t know if it’s about all the mutations, but the Crypto Bird throws some wild parties!

But this isn’t just about going wild. Every time the Crypto Bird gets a Gamer Guild to join in on the fun, it means our Community reach is increasing, and that means the future brings more possibilities for this project we love so much!

Some More Knowledge Content

Now, you might be a TL;DR kind of person, but we are hoping you are not, because we have been investing in bringing you some content about Gaming. Did you notice? How nice of you!

We’ve been investing in bringing you some deeply researched and well thought out articles of knowledge so you can enjoy, digest in your free time, and who knows, maybe give us your thoughts on the matters!

If you’re not about reading walls of text (well, if not, we do wonder what is the likelihood of you reading this paragraph here!) some main ideas and topics of the articles will come out in tiny delicious bites throughout our Social Media! There’s something for everyone! Different strokes for different folks!

The Content of the Weekend

In the meantime, we keep committed to bringing you some content that might not be our own, but it has our seal of approval every weekend for your enjoyment.

Might be a Video, a Podcast or an Article, there will be diversity of content form for you and your free time. We don’t want to risk you getting bored, or even worse, having nothing new to learn or aspire to!

Content, But make it Entertainment

Now, did we come from vacation mode, enter work mode, entrepreneur mode-hustler, and now just want to give you all this serious educational and informational content? Are we looking forward to boring you to death?

No, no we are not. And that is precisely why we are keeping up with the Entertaining content. Not only is the Exeeedme Live hot and sizzling, there’s a new Streamer on the menu! His name is Gaspode, and we just love to see it! We hope you share our enthusiasm!

More Reasons to Celebrate: Staking Finished and a Birthday

Now, it’s a good thing that the Crypto Bird gave some little parties, because he trained his celebration skills. There’s indeed a lot to celebrate. With the Staking over, some prizes just went flying to some lucky pockets!

And as if that wasn’t reason enough to crack the champagne, the Crypto Bird celebrated 3 Months old and the 112k runs! Is 3 months old enough to drink? How do we calculate bird age?

Compete, compete, Compete some More!

Now, if you’re here, reading this article, if you are on our platform, odds are, you’re here because you love to play for some competition. So we could not skip on that one.

So, we brought you the usual suspects, the Daily Ladders, the Dotta 2 Double or Nothing Ladders, the Flash Ladders, but we were not contempt yet, and we decided to bring you the Tournament Bienvenidos Sudamerica! And this one gives us so much pleasure, we won’t even break a cheesy joke about alpacas or enchiladas!

It’s been a busy month, in this house, we don’t know how to have a calm quiet one.

Yet, we believe it’s a good opportunity to renew ourselves. So this is our invitation to you. Let’s restart, let’s head on to new projects, let’s start new habits, let’s improve together.




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