Recap of the week: Game nights, partnerships and MORE about NFTs

3 min readApr 18, 2021


Hello gamers and holders!

Welcome to yet another week of events, advances, awesome news and some good old-fashioned hard work.

So no more wasting time, and let’s get to it!

We are partnering with Cudos

Can you imagine if you could earn while playing your favourite video games, but also when you weren’t? That’s exactly what we’re looking to achieve with our good friends at Cudos. They are developing an awesome decentralized solution to make use of your computer’s processing power to mine, but only when you’re not using it.

The good people at Cudos will also be creating their very own gaming community on our platform so everyone gets the best of both worlds.

You can read all about this partnership here.

THANK YOU for all the usage data

Seriously guys, we’ve been able to do so much stuff so much quicker thanks to your contributions. It’s a massive responsibility as well, because now we know that you enjoy the platform and are making such great use of it. All of the improvements we’ve been making in the last couple of weeks have been because of YOU, and it’s appreciated.

Onwards we go, we’re just getting started!

FOX LEAGUE powered by Exeedme is coming

The league is coming, so y’all better be ready.

Our wonderful ambassador Fox is hosting this event, and it’s going to be the biggest competition we’ve ever had. It’s a 3-Week CS:GO League. It starts next week and it’s going until the 13th of May. Each gamer will play for their own rank, and we’re playing for keeps. Everyone will be able to earn points (and some delicious EXEs) by playing at Exeedme.

Every match will be played in 5 vs 5 mode, and if you’re interested in joining, then make sure you head on to our Beta and enroll.

If you haven’t gotten an invite yet, there is still time. Stay tuned to Fox’s twitch streams, because there will be a few up for grabs.

Oh, did we forget to mention prizes?

Because there will be prizes.

1st place: 500$ in EXEs

2nd place: 250$ in EXEs

3rd place: 125$ in EXEs

4th place: 75$ in EXEs

5th place: 50$ in EXEs

… and some of FOX’s own swag will also be up for grabs!

GAME NIGHTS are getting bigger!

We held yet another one with Fox on Wednesday night. Do you know what happened to the 500 Beta invites we had to give away?

They disappeared. They were inhaled. It was beautiful. We managed to play over 100 matches in a single night, and it wasn’t even the weekend. That just fills us with pride, and we have you to thank for that one too.

On Saturday, Neeve and dekkcsgo were our hosts, and they too had some beta invites to give out. These nights are just unspeakably fun, and we are really ramping up the hours. There’s no stopping us now.

We’ve written about NFTs

We had already written about NFTs, but now we dug just a little deeper. We wanted to tell you specifically how they’re being used for gaming.

Utilities, interoperability, memorabilia, trophies. This is still brand new tech, and no one really knows what’s the ceiling for them. How far can we take them?

Well, we have some thoughts, and you can read them here.

A big week coming up

We can’t tell you everything now, but we promise the next week will have plenty to say as well

Until next week, we bid you farewell o/


The Exeedme Team




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