Recap of the week: Tournaments, leagues, ambassadors, and more

Why hello there, gamers, holders, family, and friends 🎮

We had yet another turbocharged week, advancing the cause of gamers everywhere, creating the strong foundations for the platform that’s going to change this thing we love.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

The very first Polkastarter tournament is finished

Every single one of the teams in play was a Polkastarter-incubated project! Here’s who played:

  • SpiderDAO: They are creating a set of phenomenal tools to bring online privacy to the end user. Their team has set a robust new standard for DAOs that will withstand all adversities.
  • Bridge Mutual : Is using the power of the Blockchain and DeFi to create a new, more transparent form of insurance. A decentralized and discretionary coverage application.
  • YOP: They are your all-in-one yOptimization platform, allowing everyone to access yield markets. They give you control, custody, insights and flexibility in the same app.
  • Kattana: They are bringing trading to the DeFi age. Technical analysis, portfolio management, trading strategy automation, and more. Everything you could do with CeFI, you can now do better.

We want to thank all four teams, who did their best and played truly awesome matches. We are also proud to announce YOP have taken the spoils!

So congrats to them, and here’s a picture of their beautiful NFT trophy.

The first 24 hour league also took place

It was powered by our lovely partners at SpiderDAO, and it featured some very luscious prizes indeed.

The five winners were ascertained after 24 straight hours of play, and here’s what they got for their troubles:

But that’s not all we have to say about this beautiful event. We are also proud to say this tournament featured over 80 matches, which means we had more than 100 players competing. This is a closed beta we’re talking about, so we couldn’t be happier and more proud.

We are participating in the Moralis hackathon

Teams entering into the 2021 Moralis Hackathon will be creating original projects. The rules are very simple:

We can do whatever we want.

(as long as we use Moralis’s Web3 tech, which we would be doing anyway because it’s awesome.)

Following completion of our projects, a jury will nominate the three winning teams. The team that comes in first place will receive a grand prize of $30,000. The first runner-up will win $15,000, while the team that comes in third will receive $5,000.

Ambassador monthiversary!

Our ambassadors have been with us for over a month, and their job has been peerless. We are delighted with all the delicious info they bring to the table and with their dedication to the cause.

In fact, the program has been so successful that we’re going to move forward with even more hires. If you’re interested, stay sharp, because those opportunities are coming.

We are celebrating our partners

We believe in our mission, but we also believe we’d get nowhere without the right friends and partners. No one changes the world alone. These companies are all made of crazy dreamers just like us, and we salute them:

BetProtocol, DIA, Polygon (previously Matic Network), AnRKey X Official, SpiderDAO, Network, Ocean Protocol, UTRUST, ChainGuardians, Elrond Network, Team Polkalokr, Polkamarkets, CUDOS.

We are changing the world together.

You can now farm $XED automatically

And it’s so simple, too.

All users have to do is deposit the XED/BNB LP into Beefy’s BNB/XED Vault and Beefy will take care of everything else — automatically selling earned CAKE to buy more XED and BNB and staking it to get more CAKE and growing XED/BNB automatically.

Just… Couldn’t be simpler.


We’re kidding: it really is quite easy to grasp. Here are all the details. Now go do it.

Next week is going to be insane

We are working behind the scenes *evil laugh* on some really magnificent news.

Stay tuned, Exeedme family, stay tuned.

Until then, we say goodbye

The Exeedme Team



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