Recap of the week: We’ve had a weekend of games, we digged deeper on NFTs, and more

2 min readMar 28, 2021


Welcome, gamers 🚀

Our platform is live, people are virtually shooting each other, it’s fantastic. From here on out, it’s all fun and games (for you, we still have to work, and will actually keep working hard on the background ).

Let’s look at what happened this week:

First weekend of games? Check

It was fantastic. Our beta users had a blast, and we accrued a whole ton of useful info. All the feedback we’re getting from gamers is what we need to perfect our platform.

How about GAME NIGHTS? Check and check!

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. They were a blast as well. Are you looking for an invite still? Well, you’re in luck. Join our Discord group and you just might get one.

Our platform is growing

Do you want to guess how many registrations we’ve had so far?More than Eighteen hundred. That’s right, we spelt it out because it’s such a gorgeous number. 1800 people are already enrolled in our beta program, even though it’s still invite-only. For that, we thank you ❤

Do you want to learn about NFTs?

We thought you might, so we wrote about them. NFTs are at the heart of our mission and the way we want to change gaming and Esports. It’s a very important part of Exeedme so we decided to explore it in depth its origins, evolutions and future applications. There’s still an exciting road ahead!!

AMAs are back, baby

Our very own Joana and Francisco have joined the good folks of for a lively conversation about all things Exeedme and all things gaming. We’ll be getting you a recap ASAP, in case you missed it.

Ambassador apps for April are closed

… and the chosen ones will be announced very soon! We’re super excited about this extended team we will be working with, starting in April! Didn’t apply? No worries. Apply now, and get the chance to be selected for May!

Wanna know more about our BETA 1.0?

After one week of having the platform up and running, we felt it was time to give you a glimpse on how it actually looks and works. Here’s a sneak peek, with everything you need to know.

The liquidity providers program was renewed

It was such a hit, and people loved it so much, that we felt like we had no choice. Haven’t applied yet? If you do it right now, you’ll still get rewarded by the end of April.

Stay tuned for another week full of action!

The Exeedme team




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