Setting the standard for fair play

No jokes in the preamble today. We are all business. We want to talk about anti-cheating, smurfing and other anti-manipulation techniques, which is something we take with the utmost seriousness. Our whole business model is based on rewarding players for their achievements, and our rewards are real. Whether we’re talking about NFTs, which you will outright own, or actual digital currencies that you can spend, these aren’t just points on a scoreboard. That means one thing:

We will ensure fairness.

We will have multiple measures in place to make sure games are played fairly. Competitive integrity is a major priority for us. It’s make or break. Our approach has several layers. After their first match on our platform, gamers have to complete identity verification. This KYC layer protects us against multiple accounts, cheaters, and previously banned players.

But that’s not all: we will have a server-side anti-cheat and video-referee system in our CS:GO integration.

We want you to be assured that whenever you’re playing on Exeedme’s platform, you will be playing against other players that are always bound by the exact same rules as you.

So let’s get into it, and see how all of this works:

Video-referees will be present

The video-referee system is a pioneering new system implemented by us.

We will have a selected list of competent video-referees (more on how to apply later!) on call to decide every problematic situation that may arise in games. We will have incentives in place for referees to make the right decisions. They will be able to earn by analyzing suspicious matches reported by players. Whenever there’s evident proof, there will be convictions.


Exeedme is a part of ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission). ESIC was created in 2016 to be the standard-bearer for good practices in the esports realm. They are the guardian of the integrity of esports. They take responsibility (and incentivize others to the same) for disruption, prevention, investigation, and prosecution of all forms of cheating.

We are proud to say that we are the first Play2Earn platform to be accepted into the commission. We have made a commitment to uphold its standards, and we will. One of the reasons this is a big deal is because bans apply network-wide. Anyone banned from our platform will be banned from all of ESIC. Conversely, anyone who is banned anywhere else in ESIC will not have access to our space either.

Specialist software

We are developing software that will specifically help us with this. The goal is to monitor behavior/activity that indicates foul play and “anticipate” bans.

Know Your Customer

Better known as KYC. It’s a pretty standard industry practice. A lot of businesses have processes like this in place so their customers will be properly identified. This is to ensure accountability is possible and anons don’t just run roughshod over spaces that you want to be safe and secure.

We know a lot of users don’t appreciate going through the KYC process, and we will be doing our best to streamline and make it as lean and unintrusive as we possibly can. The reason something like this absolutely must be in place is so that users who cheat or smurf can’t evade bans by simply creating second and third accounts.

This is the bane of platforms. Repeat offenders just log right back in with alt-accounts and continue to ruin it for everyone.


Are your friends not on the platform yet? Do you simply want to play against people from all over the world? Are you worried that you will be cannon-fodder for more experienced players looking to earn off of your failure?

Worry not.

We will have a matchmaking system in place that will always seek to pair you with similarly skilled players. We aren’t interested in having a system in place that smashes new users and turns them into punching bags for an elite. Remember: we want players of all skills to profit. That is literally the reason we built this platform.

As time goes by, and you (and everyone else) play more, our system will learn and become more skilled at making these matches. This matters very much because players will be able to bet on their own performances, and we need them to always know these are fair bets.

The future is fair

These are our plans. This is our mission. This is what we’re fighting for.

A fair, equal, platform, where everyone’s success will depend solely on their skill and talents.

If you identify with these values and want to join us, then check our platforms:

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