Smurfers and Cheaters are not welcome at Exeedme

3 min readMar 31, 2022


Since day one, our major priority is to create the best possible experience for gamers to enjoy their time on our platform. That’s what motivates us to keep the news coming, the new features, the new prizes, the new tournaments.

Being in constant communication with the gaming community is something that we try to keep up with because our real users are the ones giving the most valuable information, feedback, and many times, improvement ideas that we implement as soon as possible. In the same way, we hear them when things are not working smoothly or the way they were expected to.

As a fair and trusted play2earn platform, we have to guarantee the security of all players, using the honesty principle that we are all playing for the same purpose and using the same fair system. Unfortunately, since competitions are happening on the inside of the games or on external platforms, there have been quite a few reports of smurfing and other abusive behavior.

Let us be clear: We are not ok with that, and although there are some cases where no one besides publishers and external platforms can provide the best measures to avoid cheating, smurfing and toxicity, we, as well, are taking extra measures to improve the fairness of the competitions and so improve the competitive environment.

The importance of the KYC

That’s exactly why we are, since the launch of Exeedme, so committed to our KYC System, so that gamers had to verify their accounts and cannot duplicate results or create new accounts when banned. This means that no one can withdraw prizes without a verified account.

This, plus some automatic methods, have been our main strategy to maintain fairness on the platform. Regardless, the fact that most KYCs are done only at the time of withdrawal has led some bad actors to take advantage of the timing effect before they are mandated to do, though compromising the experience of our gamers. That is something we can’t accept, and we are acting on.

That’s why we decided to go further and implement a Zero tolerance policy with smurfers and cheaters.

The new anti-smurf and anti-cheat measures

Effective immediately:

1.To participate in the CS:GO Faceit daily ladders the user will need to have at least 25 games played on Faceit. In the meantime, we will create a secondary ladder for the players with fewer games, with a smaller prize pool.

2. We will count on Exeedme tools but also the gaming community to identify suspicious behavior. On a daily basis, there will be a manual daily review of all users ranked and flagged by both mechanisms, to confirm if there was any suspicious behavior — a number aspects considered (accounts synchronized, friends, reports, gaming stats and other ones).

  • If any suspicious activity is detected but the abuse is not fully confirmed, the user will be required to do the KYC (in case it’s yet not completed).
  • If the user doesn’t do the KYC in 24h the user account will be suspended and so avoided from entering any new competitions.
  • If the abuse is fully confirmed, the player will be banned.

3. The bans list will be public here and on a dedicated discord channel so that all users can see the “hall of Shame”.

4. In the case of a ban, if the person had won USDX prizes, those amounts will go directly to an escrow fund that will be paid out on a special tournament/competition, so that the money can go back to the real gamers.

In the background, we have been banning some users already, and we truly believe that the “cleaning” will help the health of the platform and the entire experience. So, like a good snowball effect!

Please keep reporting every time you see suspicious behavior (there’s a button for that on the platform), and, as always, keep your feedback coming.

The motto is: ZERO tolerance for smurfers and cheaters.

We are on the right side of the force, and want you to join us!

Let’s do it together.

The Exeedme Team




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