Soldiers Society is Becoming a DAO

5 min readMar 18, 2022

If you’re here, you’re probably familiar with what the Soldier Society is all about, but just in case, let’s brush up on our history, shall we?

The squad hasn’t just been marching up and down the Square, besides having helped fund the Revolution Tournament, the Soldiers have a bigger mission to fulfill.

With the history revisited, let’s get back on track with the present!

You might already know there were a lot of exciting plans for the Soldiers in the Exeedme Roadmap, if you remember that little masterpiece!

But now, it’s time for the Soldiers to have a military strategy of their own so this bunch can rise to its full potential.

So, do you want to know what’s coming to our Headquarters? Well, no more need to wonder, it’s time to feast your eyes!

Well, you might already have heard that soon enough there will be Soldiers custom merchandising at Exeedme store, because what’s a Soldier or an army without a proper uniform? We really hope you like your Soldier enough to wear it with pride, and we mean it literally.

You might be thinking this is all dandy and good, I am indeed a grand good-looking Soldier, but how does it relate to the theme of this Article, the DAO?

For a start, part of the funds raised by the Soldier Society store will go to the DAO.

Is DAO a new term for you? Unlikely, but just in case, let’s break it down: It’s a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and it’s an organization that’s represented by rules that are encoded in computer programming, so it’s transparent and more important, member owned.

What is needed for Soldiers Society DAO to be created? Next milestone is for 450 Soldiers to be minted. Once we get the quorum we advance to the next stage.


That’s a start, but not a finish. To kickstart the DAO, we’ll be using Exeedme core team members as part of the multisig and an involving part of the governance framework, while looking to transition to a fully-fledged DAO composed of community members only. How? Well, let’s break down the numbers, shall we?

Every community member holding a Soldier will be able to submit a proposal up for community voting. DAO members holding a Soldier in their wallet will be able to cast their vote using the Snapshot platform. If a proposal achieves a quorum of >70%, will be then considered by the Exeedme team to decide on a go/no-go based on the value proposition of the proposal. If the proposal is approved, DAO multisig will approve the spending of the Treasury, and the team will oversee its delivery. If it gets rejected, the initial proposer may redraft a new proposal for voting based on feedback, or drop it fully.


If you’re not new here, you might know that our aim is to be so transparent that it becomes borderline boring. So, to keep in line with that (the transparent, not the boring. …well, maybe just a little boring.) let’s crack some financing numbers.

How will the DAO Treasury be financed? This is how the maths adds up

  • 70% of the Soldier Society NFT Sales
  • 50% of royalties from Soldier Society NFTs traded
  • 70% of the Soldier Society in-game purchases are what keeps this operation running
  • 20% of the Soldier Society Merch Sales

With this comes a Multisig event, the creation of the DAO multisig committee;

A ratio of 4:1 is recommended for this initial phase — 4 team members for each community member

This ratio will be lowered as more soldiers are minted and we approach the 100% minted status — currently at 10%

  • 40% minted — ratio to decrease to 3:1;
  • 60% minted — ratio to decrease to 2:1;
  • 80% minted — ratio to decrease to 1:2;
  • 100% minted — ratio do decrease to 1:3

But so you don’t feel that this Society of ours is all about bureaucracies and no fun, we are working on a Soldiers Society Game! Yes, yes, those rumors are true!

Want to know what that’s all about? It’s a Strategy and PvP war game, and just to take a little peek behind the curtain… we hope you like your Soldier, because he’s gonna start getting productive! They will be the doorway to your new in-game experience that can act not only as a key, but also a main character of your own empire.

To let you know a little more about it, XED will be one of the main currencies for the game.

We want you to be able to enjoy the complete military strategy experience, ranging from building your own army and creating your own headquarters, to forging alliances with other players to keep safer together or waging war on others to compete for land and resources. Sharing rare items and other special abilities will be a way for players to keep pushing forward together.

Since gaming is better when together, we also have plans to introduce some extra spice with quests and co-op missions that will allow players to access special rewards and items to shape the future of their newborn nation.

As you can see, we already have some pretty awesome plans in place for our upcoming game and DAO, but the best part of this all is that you can also help shape this future by joining our SoldiersDAO.

So, do you want to join our world? Well, the door is open and the red carpet is rolled out for you! We’re only missing your view in here!

Already part of the Soldier Society? Well pull up a chair, get ready to enjoy!

Well, this is not meant to be a passive community so if you know people that can add value in any manner to our mission, invite them and spread the word, we are stronger together!

Thinking you might have just missed a huge opportunity? Well, mint is still live. So you’re still very much in time to join this universe of possibilities!…

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