The Ambassador Referral Program is coming to Town!

3 min readSep 9, 2022


The Ambassadors program has been around since its launching in March 2021.

Since then, many things have changed, however there is one that remains the same: our passion for gaming and the positive impact we want to have on the Gaming, Web3 and Esports Community.

If you’re considering joining this program, you might be wondering, What does an Ambassador do? Well, there’s a set of tasks to perform, such as(among others): monthly community meetings, playing a match at Exeedme, writing a knowledge article, or producing a video or tutorial. For each task, you get points. And if you get up to 1200 points, you are eligible for a prize. These prizes are 1000$, in $XED every month.

The Ambassadors Program is different, there’s some changes happening to it, like a fresh coat of paint, but also, moving some furniture around, you know?

So, what are the changes we’re putting in place to the program? We want to find new ways to reward the most dedicated ambassadors, and that’s exactly where the Referral Program comes in.

The referral program isn’t live yet, and we’re very much open to suggestions from our Ambassadors to see if it’s going to work and if everyone likes it!

So, how will it work?

The Prizes will be redistributed. Part will be allocated for the Referral program and a small slice for a draw.

The Nitty Gritty:

65% — The Ambassadors Activities maintain the same. The current tasks everyone makes and submits monthly remain, as we’ve been doing since the beginning.

Note: Only the top 6 ambassadors will be eligible for the prize and to refer new Ambassadors every month.

20% — For Referral Activities, to keep it sustainable, the Ambassadors will only get the Referral Reward after the first month of their referred, and if the referred in the top 4 Ambassadors that were referred (It means the referred doesn’t need to be in the top 6 Ambassadors, only Top 4 Referred).

5% — Draw from active Ambassadors.

A bit confused? Let’s try and play it out!

Scenario Example: Ambassador X invites 3 friends and Ambassador Y invites 2 friends to our Ambassadors Program.

Only the top 4 Referred will get the reward (one will miss), and every month they get in the top 4 referred, the Ambassadors who referred them wins too!

If X invites 3 more friends and Y invites none in the next month, then X will have 6 Referred Ambassadors to “Fight” for the top 4 referral positions.

At some point, there will be many ambassadors, and we will of course increase the pool and structure of rewards as the program grows!

The Ambassadors Program is also open to applicants outside of the Referral structure, so if you’d like to be one of the Exeedme faces, don’t wait around! Let us know here!




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