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What are the Crypto Birds?

The Crypto Birds are a collection of NFTs minted on Ethereum network. Each Crypto Bird will act as your character in the Play2Earn mode of Crypto Bird on Exeedme. Each one will be made of several parts with varying rarities that influence maneuverability and passive skills resulting in a unique gameplay feel for each Crypto Bird. They don’t just look different, they perform differently inside the Game.

Why are Crypto Birds so scarce?

Although each Crypto Bird reflects a unique personality and an awesome look and feel, they won’t be just a collectible, but their main utility will be dependent on how they perform as an avatar in the Crypto Bird Play2Earn Game.

As a Game avatar, of a new version of the game we want this to be firstly accessible to a close-knit community that can start earning really early on but that can also provide meaningful feedback to keep working on game expansions.

So, how many Crypto Birds will be available?

As such, Crypto Birds will have a genesis edition of a maximum of 1100 Crypto Birds but on June 18th only 300 will be available to Mint.


  • 300 Birds to mint on June 18th
  • 100 Birds for Free 2 Play and Marketing
  • 700 Birds to mint in batches of 100, after June 18th

The remaining 700 Birds will be up for mint in batches of 100 and the trigger for each batch to become available for mint is the Total Score of all gamers in the Free2Play version. One element that you shouldn’t forget is that each batch will have a higher price than the previous one.

As an example, once the game is live and the Total Score of all Free 2 Play gamers gets to 250,000,000 points, more 100 Crypto Birds will be available at 0.065ETH* and once the Total Score achieves 500,000,000 points, more 100 Crypto Birds will be available at 0.07ETH*.

This makes the game more sustainable and community-driven since:

  1. newcomers will have a chance to try the game without buying an NFT

2. having new mints only triggered by high activity on Free 2 Play mode will incentivise everyone that enjoys the game to play more and grow the community until the next milestone is achieved and new Mints become available

3. early adopters will have a double incentive to invite new gamers to try the game:

  • When the new mint trigger is achieved it will signal an increase in their Crypto Bird price
  • No dilution of value as the potential daily prize pool that each Crypto Bird can get will also increase proportionally to the new mints: 80% of the funds from the Crypto Birds mints will flow to the prize pool of the game

Additionally, we will spare 100 Birds for the Free 2 Play mode and marketing purposes so that we can explore new gaming communities and get a super reward for the new players that every week try out the game and perform the best.

Where will the Play2Earn prizes come from?

Blockchain Gaming should also be about sharing successes between publishers and gamers so, the success of the NTF collection is automatically the success of our gamers. As such, the primary sales of the Crypto Birds as well as secondary market transactions will act as a crowdfunding mechanism for the Play2Earn prize pool. More precisely:

  • 80% of primary sales flow directly to the Prize Pool
  • 50% of the royalties from secondary sales flow directly to the Prize Pool

The more sales and trading of the collection, the more valuable the game will become and the higher rewards the high flyers can catch.

The funds will be kept in the Crypto Bird smart contract in ETH. Each week ETH will be converted to $XED at market rates (in essence acting as a buy back mechanism in open market for $XED) and you will receive the cumulative daily prizes from the previous week in the wallet you own the Crypto Bird.

Which blockchain will be used for Crypto Bird?

The mint of Crypto Birds will be on Ethereum.

Why is that?

You can well say that gas fees are higher, but there are very big positives:

- there is a much higher perceived value towards NFT collections on Ethereum;

- there are bigger network effects coming from its higher popularity and overall higher number of NFT buyers and sellers using the network;

- almost all the interactions with the game will be gasless.

As you play more, you will increase your chances to win more rewards. But the gas fees to get the rewards will be taken by Exeedme.

Indeed, we know there are other networks with lower gas fees (and we love them!) but since Exeedme is taking on those we believe this was the best call for all Crypto Bird collectors and gamers.


When can we mint?

The Mint will start on Saturday, June 18th.

Want a lower price and a guaranteed spot on the Mint Day? You should look to stake some $XED and get ready to enter Phase I. If not, go through our Discord and try to find a whitelist spot to get on Phase II.

Let’s details each phase:


Who: $XED Stakers

When: Saturday 18th June, from 9am UTC to 1pm UTC

Eligibility Conditions: Users making a minimum staking of 1500$XED for a period of 90 days until 11h59GMT+1 17th June. Staking here.

Price: 0.04ETH

Staking Network: Ethereum, POLYGON, BSC

Mint Network: Ethereum

Stakers Privileges

  1. Guaranteed Mints and lower prices

The mint price is fixed at 0.04ETH which is lower that the initial price on Phase II of 0.05ETH. Additionally there will be three available levels of Staking guaranteeing you a certain number of mints for 4 hours.

  • Level 1–1500 $XED — 5 Guaranteed Mints at @0.04 ETH
  • Level 2–3000 $XED — 10 Guaranteed Mints at @0.04 ETH
  • Level 3–4500 $XED — 15 Guaranteed Mints at @0.04 ETH

2. Shared Revenue Primary Sales

The stakers will receive 2,5% of shared revenue from the primary sales of the first batch of Crypto Birds. These amounts will be proportionally distributed through stakers based on the number of Crypto Birds bought after they un-stake the $XED.

3. Royalties Secondary Sales

The stakers will receive 10% of the royalties applied to the secondary sales of Crypto Birds in the first 90 days. These amounts will be proportionally distributed through all stakers based on the number of Crypto Birds bought after they un-stake the $XED.

Royalties will be calculated based on the amount of $XED staked and number of Crypto Birds minted following the below formula. $XED Stakers that don’t buy at least one Crypto Bird won’t be eligible for Shared Revenue and Royalties.

With these benefits stakers will not only have a guaranteed spot on the mint day for 4 hours, but also a lower price of 0.04ETH. Nonetheless they will also be able to start earning, through the collection of shared revenue and royalties even without playing Crypto Birds.


Who: whitelisted addresses

When: Saturday 18th June, from 1pm UTC time to Sunday, 19th June, 1pm UTC time

Price: starts at 0.05ETH

Max. Quantities: 300 (including the $XED stakers)

How much does each Crypto Bird cost?

The minting price for Whitleisted addresses is tabled and increase at each 100th mints:

Bird 1 to Bird 100: 0.05ETH

Bird 101 to Bird 200: 0.055ETH

Bird 201 to Bird 300: 0.055ETH

Limit per wallet: 10


Phased in 7 different sales w/higher prices that Phase II

Who: Players of Free Mode and Owners of Crypto Birds

When: 250,000,000 points on Free Play Mode for the first batch (next batches will be defined after the game is live)

Whitelisting: Only max 1000 can get whitelisted

Price: +0.065ETH*

Max. Quantities: 100 per batch

Ultimately, please refer to our Discord for any additional details or queries you may have. If you are already whitelisted make sure you provide us with your ETH address on the right Discord channel.

The Mint is just the start — the reveal of your unique Crypto Bird will only happen on 21st June and the Game will be released really really soon after that.

We are super excited to have you as one of the first Crypto Birds, the first web3 game launched on the Exeedme platform.

To become a $XED staker, just don’t miss this simple click.

Let’s exceed together!

*All prices are not fixed and may be subject to changes depending on secondary market conditions.




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