The Exeedme Tournament Grants Are Here!

4 min readAug 22, 2022

Gamers, put your listening ears on, this one is definitely for you! Exeedme is, and has always been, a group of Gamers building for Gamers — creating the most thrilling competitions and experiences while ensuring a path for Gamers to make a living out of their passion. As such, we are always looking to support gaming communities growth by providing them new forms of competition, new ways to experience gaming but also tools that improve the overall experience of different gaming stakeholders, from gamers to game developers.

After having distributed over $150,000 among both Professional and Amateur players, we want to keep on broadening our Community support. This time, we want to extend our supporting efforts to the ones that have been, and still are, in the forefront of Esports evolution; those that constantly bootstrap to craft the best competitions: The Tournament Organisers!

Goal of Tournament Grants

Some of these Tournament Organisers are now organisations that have made it to create a business out of the competitions they organise but others are “just” the admins of Gaming Communities that join around Discord and put their passion on top their priorities and give their time and effort to create unique experiences for their Communities. Our Grants Program is to support both. Our Goal is to provide tools to improve the administration and organisation of competitions while leveraging the prize pools that they provide to their communities. By using the Exeedme platform to organise their competitions, the players and organisers will benefit from a smoother gaming/competitive experience, a more straightforward, quicker, and more transparent form of receiving prize pools, powered by blockchain.

What do I need to be eligible for Tournament Grants?

In order for you to be eligible for the Exeedme Grants Program, you should be a person or an organisation with experience in organising gaming tournaments. Although we privilege applications for the games that we currently support on Exeedme Platform (CS:GO, Call of Duty — Warzone, Dota 2) we are open for applications of tournaments of other games not yet supported. Additionally, you should have a verified account at Exeedme (with KYC performed). In the case of an organisation, at least the person in charge of the competition management needs to fulfil this requirement.

What will I need for my application?

The application analysis will be focused on your experience as a tournament organiser but also, and mostly, on the quality of the competition(s) you want us to support. As such:

  1. Give the maximum details regarding the Competition — format, dates, total prize pool, number of participants expected, where it will be communicated, etc.
  2. Make sure that the competition has at least one Open Phase / Qualifier, where any Exeedme user, even if not part of your community yet, has the chance to join.
  3. Ensure the competition will be streamed.
  4. Provide some post-tournament stats on your previous competitions: Tournament Metrics will help us assess the overall success of your recent competitions. “Participants”, “Prize Pool”, “Peak Live Viewers”, “Total Minutes Viewed”, etc. Social media such as Twitter — analytics.

Can you fill all the requirements? Why don’t you shoot your shot with us in this form? You may just have good news from us within a week!

Upon filling the application form, your challenge is to pass the triage phase. Afterwards, you may get that precious, precious call!

If approved, you must be available to kick-off your competition within ninety (90) days of the approval date. Your tournament page must be live within thirty (30) days of grant approval. Failure to do so will void the grant acceptance.

Let’s talk about the perks of receiving the grants…

The total budget for Grants is $50,000 but we have no minimum or maximum number of Grantees so the amounts of grants will vary according to the reach/dimension of the community and quality of the competition. Also we would give priority to applications that already have prize pools committed and where the grant will to up an existing prize pools.

There will also be an optional Organiser Fee of up to 5% of the total overall prize pool. This total is the summation of the funds you put forth originally in addition to the grant funds.

So, did you get thirsty to get in on the action? Wondering what it could be if you just gave it a try? Well, no need to just wonder, just take the leap!




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