The Road Ahead — Exeedme Roadmap 2022 | PART ONE

6 min readFeb 16, 2022


Remember our Exeedme Roadmap Guidance? Well, let’s say it’s been eating its greens, because it just got a whole lot bigger! Sit down, grab a cup of tea (non-caffeinated, this is gonna be stimulating enough already!), and let us tell you all about our plans.

And we hear you say, “but why, why would we care about all these iffy details? Nobody cares how the proverbial sausage gets made! ”.

To which We say, by sharing our major product goals, it makes possible a policy of being transparent and receiving feedback from the community to start co-building with them.

Them? We mean, you, the person screaming about sausages from across the screen! Exeedme is made of its community, and the community is made of its members!

Let us tell you what we have planned for the first quarter, good ol’Q1 it’s big and we are only getting started!

New Interface

Just for a warm-up, we’re working on improving your User Experience as well as the User Interface. So, how will this warm-up be?

We want to reduce the number of clicks from onboarding new gamers to start playing to earn, the goal is to make it really simple, so you can save all your energy on your Gaming!

For that little warm-up energising stretch, we want to remove features so you can focus on the competitive gaming experience.

Feeling warm and ready yet? Great, because we sure are pumped!

Playing & Earning becomes… Easier!

So, how about a little obstacle race for a workout? Sounds a little too intense? Perfect.

Because we are working on Lowers Barriers to Earn!

No need to break out your tracksuit, maybe even kick in some comfy slippers, you can relax now we’re changing the game. Confused? We’ll explain. We’re making sure you find bo barriers to play. This is now Play For Free. Way-back-when, there was always a buy-in to Play2Earn, but no more. We want you to sweat only while Gaming!

So, like this we can bring you Daily free battles in every game integrated and make sure you’ll be there.

So, just don’t get too cosy, because you still have Free battles every day, and are you really looking to miss out on this opportunity?

For your gaming workout to feel just like a breezy walk in the park, allow us to present you, Risk-based approach of KYC requirements so that gamers can frictionlessly try our competitions and play and earn. You might want to break a sweat, but that’s completely optional!

Improved Anti-cheat

Feeling competitive yet? Great, because we have just the thing for you to confuse on your elite-athlete performance and nothing else! We are implementing New Anti-Cheat layers that rely on users’ activity, so that you can focus on the essential, Your Performance!

Make no mistake, we are in it for you to win it! We want to be there celebrating with you when it all goes just right! So we are working for it to go just perfect! We’re offering you more options for gamers to on ramp into paid tournaments. How, you ask? Remember those Exeedme Vouchers? Well, you can use them to allow you to deposit with Fiat in our Platform. Not enough of your convenience? Well, you can also use PayPal on our platform.

The Future of Soldiers Society

Did you catch your breath? No? Not really yet? Well, let’s take a little break. And, as we let you catch up with your breathing and hydrate, you can go for a walk in the shiny new Exeedme Store that has that fresh Soldier Society Merchandise. Anything caught your eye?

Well, now that we have established that you are indeed an Elite Athlete, so with those attributes we just assume you are part of our elite force, and of course, this next part is for you! We present to you, right in the center of our HeadQuarters, our brand new Soldiers Society DAO!

And we hear you ask: What does this thing do? This DAO is massive! Is it just going to stay here? Taking up place right where the Espresso machine used to be?

Well, hold on, have you seen all the tools this thing comes with? This Governance Framework will make you never think of the old espresso machine again!

This thing will bring more order into this Army than any Lieutenant ever did, with its NFT Voting: a military council where each Soldier has a vote. No fuss no muss, You speak, we listen!

But just in case you miss the old coffee maker, the DAO will create a Treasury to fund the launch of new all Soldiers Products, so if I were you, I’d start dreaming big of what is to come for this troop!

And in case you’re so enamoured with this Community you’re ready to make it official, well, we have good news! We’re bringing a Multisig event to make sure treasury management is secured!

Shall we talk about the second Quarter? Or as friends call it, Q2? Because let us tell you, it’s gonna be big potatoes. So, let’s get peeling!

Mobile Gaming

Just so we don’t catch a snooze in the transition, we start strong and energised, bringing you a Mobile Game Launch.

We couldn’t wait to respond to the community demands, we only wish you would demand more from us (no, seriously, we really do)! Hear us out, our goal is to launch at least one game, and to allow everyone to Play to Earn through their mobile phones, just like that! At the tippity top of your smartphone!

Now guys, don’t go starting a kerfuffle between Smartphone and PC players, okay?

Exeedme Live

Now, say, all these possibilities to explore got you just a little to worked up? We got your back, Jack!

Kick back those working boots and enjoy while we bring you more content creators, straight through the Exeedme Live Team.

We’re bringing you content Gaming, Blockchain Gaming and Competitions. Please just don’t ask us for cooking lessons… Unless those are in the Metaverse!

What’s that? You would like to make it even more chill? Well, nothing better than use your native languages to connect with the community, so we’re gonna bring you content in English, Portuguese and Spanish! Our main goal? To connect with communities that speak all languages.

The Gaming Launchpad

Are you getting too comfortable? Let’s change the pace a bit. You might be wondering what did we have in mind. We’re glad you ask. How about an Alpha version of our own Launchpad?

Well, remember the Gaming Hackathon? Let us tell you all about how the Gaming Hackathon will crown a Game and allow the game developers to launch the Digital Assets that support gaming economies.

Now,we know this is exciting in itself. But what do we see here? A possibility for Indie developers that want to bootstrap their games and access a community of good gamers that are already familiar with blockchain and crypto. This will allow for developers to have access, so they can launch their NFTs that work as in-game items in their games but also on some features of our platform, taking a step further of trying out these new games. Just think of the possibilities!

While you’re imagining all the prospects, did you run out of tea? Good. Go refresh that cup with a beverage of your choice, we are not nearly done yet. There’s a Part 2 for this article. Don’t skip it!

About Exeedme

Exeedme is a trusted and fair Play2Earn ecosystem that allows gamers at all skill levels, developers and gaming communities to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of innovations like DeFi and NFT’s. We are building a gamer-driven economy where gamers can monetise their skills and organisers can build and grow their communities.

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Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills