The week of Exeedme First CS:GO Tournament ever, with lots of NFT and Crypto news, too!

This week after a flurry of excitement to start off the new year, we took a step back to our roots as gamers to remember why we do what we do. Hopefully, many of you were there to enjoy the Beta Tournament excitement with us! To recap, we began the week by announcing the 16 players from our community that would be joining our star players in the first rounds of the Beta Tournament. These players were not just selected randomly, they had to collect points through various challenges to make sure the process was fair and equitable for the entire community. We are very proud of those who stepped up to play with and against these stars!

Speaking of stars, by now you’ve seen who joined us this week and some of their jaw-dropping playing on the platform. For those who don’t know, these are the star players in order of announcement:

  1. D0cC

“D0cC”, is a rising star at 20-years old playing out of The Hague, The Netherlands. He currently has over 100,000 followers on Twitch and was called out by Benjamin Bremer as one of the world’s next top CS:GO players. Our next player is no rookie, having played CS:GO since 2012. Arki, from Spain, graced us and was clearly a crowd favourite during his play time this week. Another superstar of the game, Stadodo, is also a player of the hyped SAW, just like Arki. Last but not least, we were proud to welcome Tweeday from Germany to this stacked list of players with his over half a million Twitch followers and experience with the game since 2002. Who did you enjoy watching the most??

The game play was balanced and competitive, none of our players held back on the new platform, and it performed seamlessly! Our big winners were the Stadodo team, with each member of the Stadodo team receiving one of our first-ever minted Exeedme Gold Medal NFTs, a truly attractive innovation in esports. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and watched for pushing esports and crypto gaming forward.

To finish this month out strong we are rolling out the Uniswap Liquidity Program starting with 50,000 XED in monthly rewards for Uniswap liquidity providers. The providers will benefit by receiving their share of XED rewards if they simultaneously add ETH and XED on Uniswap for at least 30 days. Read more on the details and conditions to enter here.

And to end a week full of events, we announced Exeedme as part of the recently founded Defi Gaming Coalition, together with AnRKey X, Certik, Ferrum Network, and Digicol and the recently added Matic Network, Royale Finance, and Bondly. This organization is an open community of DeFi leaders and pioneers, tech savvies, gamers, and fintech professionals among other enthusiasts. DGC’s goal is to bridge the innovations brought to the broader Ethereum network by DeFi protocols, with the multi-billion dollar, well-established gaming industry that lacks the incentive to join the blockchain train, analogizing the complexity such involvement requires from participants. We’re very proud to be one of the first members of DGC!

Finally, we almost escaped this week flying under the radar, but it wasn’t likely given the buzz that January brought. We were called out on Yahoo’s “10 Under the Radar DeFi Projects with Massive Potential.” Featured amongst the likes of Finxflo, DAOVentures, e-Money, etc., Yahoo highlighted our potential to help gamers monetize their gameplay regardless of skill level and mentioned this Beta tournament as the first of its kind to combine DeFi, NFTs, and high level gaming. We are honoured and plan to keep raising the bar for our players as we move further into 2021.


The Exeedme Team



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