The XPAD is Here to Stay!

5 min readNov 18, 2022

Once Upon a Time, a Web3 Game…

The Crypto Bird was not just the first Web3 to be launched by Exeedme, it was also the very first Videogame to arise under the XPAD.

However, today isn’t about the Crypto Bird, it’s about the latter. The XPAD might have been around, but now it’s official. Make no mistake, the XPAD has a home.

New Goals on the Rise

So, the Exeedme team decided it was about time to get to work, give the house a little bit of a refreshment, and make room for new challenges. And so, that is exactly why the XPAD is getting its own platform, to give the front and centre stage to the very best Projects in Web3 Gaming, to enrich the Web3 Ecosystem and the Exeedme Community.

The XPAD, for a richer Web3 Gaming Environment

This project is here, among others, to position Exeedme as an important resource in the matter of Web3 Gaming, meaning: a place where you can go for game discovery, and web3 gaming knowledge and education.

The XPAD aims to support projects and place them in a position to get in touch with a Community of over 90 000 gamers. We are here to create connections that can enrich everyone involved.

We are still accepting new applications for the XPAD. This launchpad is always open to support new projects that have the creativity and will to bring the best to Gamers.

As we are speaking, the XPAD will now develop in three different phases. At the moment we are in phase one but let’s talk it through just a little. Or maybe a lot!

The Content Creation & Distribution

For the XPAD team content is king but distribution is the queen — so we will create the best content but will also make sure it gets to the right audience. The ecosystem is in need of more curated web3 content. Our team will be releasing and creating themed articles, reviews, reports and videos regularly in order to make sure that everyone has access to reliable information about web3 gaming. No matter if you are a gamer, an investor or just curious, we deliver for you.

The Game Reviews are lighter reviews of the best games on the web3 space targeted at gamers. A straightforward article including everything you need to know about a game that could interest you. Starting with a quick bio and info about the gameplay, how to start playing, and ending with an unbiased rating from our team.

The Game Research Reports are tailored at web3 game investors, current or future. These extended analysis will cover the essentials and give a 360º view about a game from gameplay to traction and business model. The team gathers reliable information about the quality of game, their business model & tokenomics, investors & partners, on-chain & off-chain data, industry overview & competitors, team and community. We don’t provide financial advice.

The Monthly Reports are intended to analyse the most relevant happenings in web3 gaming from that month. It is not meant to capture every news but alternatively to digest the most relevant ones and analyse its impacts critically.

The Videos follow the Game Reviews in order for each gamer to quickly grasp the gameplay of a new game before trying it.

Web3 competitions

The XPAD will work as the first point of contact with web3 games for Exeedme. After analysing the traction and interest from the gamer’s community we will explore the competitive potential of it. Using the competitive layer provided by Exeedme, web3 games are able to organise and create the best crafted competitions to access a new community in their game category. Starting in casual competitions and ending into professional tournaments, we offer a foolproof system to cater the competitive spirit and grow games into Esports.


This is the last part of the funnel, for game developers that have gathered the interest from our audience, successfully crafted competitions on Exeedme and are now on a path to create an esports strategy. The launchpad, will allow initial testers, web3 investors, Esports organisations to access high quality games through shared property rights (NFTs and Tokens). The launchpad will help games that have shown initial traction, capacity to entertain gamers and competitive elements to launch their digital assets. This will help the continuous development of the games and its competitive environment to ultimately grow these games into Esports.

If you want to know more about the XPAD as you’ve never seen it before, you can read about it here.

Raise a Glass

To celebrate the launching of the XPAD, we invited some familiar faces of this Ecosystem, so we can have a nice little chat about Esports, Web3 Gaming, among other things. We will share some success cases, as well as give you our perspective for the future.

This talk will be taking place on Wednesday,the 23rd of November at 5.00PM GMT, and if you don’t want to miss it, it might be a good idea to follow Exeedme. on the Blue Bird.

Does any of this sound like something that you would be into? What about reviews of the most interesting Web3 Games around the block? If so, it would be a waste of a chance for you to not visit the XPAD shelter. Get to know our Headquarters. Make yourself at Home.

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