Utrust Partnership, Ambassadors launch and the Quarter-finals of Exeedme Blockchain Tournament

Welcome back, gamers!

This week as you may have noticed, we’ve got a big tournament going on… and we’ll get to that later.

But first, we are happy to announce another partnership that is really going to accelerate our platform’s usability. This week we announced our new partnership with Utrust, a major leader in blockchain payments. Their solutions allow users to pay, and top up with cryptocurrency in a simple and frictionless fashiont. Exeedme platform will add Utrust’s crypto processing capabilities to accept BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH and the payment token of the future UTK. With this partnership, Exeedme platform will ensure the best user experience for gamers to top up their accounts in an easy and fast manner and jump into what they love the most: playing video games.. Utrust is no stranger to the Exeedme platform, as they have been indirectly involved with our project from the beginning. Nuno Correia, Utrust’s CSO and President of their Board is also one of our strategic advisors. As he stated earlier this week: “Exeedme is doing to the eSports sector what we are doing to payments. They are using this bleeding edge technology to make it better, fairer, freer and more open to everyone.” Read more here.

Next, we wanted to be sure to remind everyone that we are now accepting applications for our Ambassadors program here. In this first round we are seeking active individuals willing to fulfill the following roles: regional community managers, social media representatives, events organizers, content creators, and tech leads/developers. There will be many creative ways to enrich our community through these positions, as well as $XED and NFT rewards along the way.

Last but not least, we wanted to share some highlights from the first action packed week of the Blockchain CS:GO tournament. See the main info and schedule again here. Matches have been running since February 28th when we kicked things off between Ferrum Network and Chain Guardians. Congrats to Chain Guardians on winning the first match and we are anxiously waiting to what you can do see in the semis! All other quarter finals happened this week from Sunday to Friday, with the second match taking place on March 1st between Chainlink and Umbrella Network. Each team got some superstars last minute additions that culminated a tense match with Umbrella Network clinching the win in the end. The third match took place on March 4th between Ultra and Aleph.im where we gave away prizes to the audience, and thefourth match was March 5th between Ocean Protocol and Utrust, with our newest partner Utrust emerging victorious! We can’t wait to see all of these teams again in the semi-finals, and we are grateful to everyone who has participated and watched so far.

You might have noticed our matches have been different from the regular tournaments, with some breaks to each project to share some knowledge about what they have been up to! It’s a way to get both communities onboard with the projects, and of course, like in any AMA, we had special prizes for everyone participating! A special shout-out to all of our speakers:

  • Patrick, Strategic advisor at Ferrum Network,

We couldn’t have asked for a better premiere week of the tournament. Next week we will host the semi-finals with more prizes and a few extra surprises thrown in there… be sure to tune in to find out what they will be!

Until next week… let’s Exeed!



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