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2 min readMay 28, 2021

We are children of two very different parents. Our families have very different cultures. Sometimes, they don’t quite get each other.

We, as children of this multicultural household, have decided to take it upon ourselves to bridge this gap.

It’s time to reach out

But how do we do the same for our gaming family? We know not every one of you guys is crypto-savvy, or comfortable with this tech. We get it. It’s brand new. It’s only been making the rounds for a little while. So how can we help?

How do we teach crypto holders about gaming? We invite them in, of course. We have been busy creating gaming communities for months now, bringing every one of our partners into our platform. The followers, customers and staff of all these crypto companies are now a part of our family, and we won’t be boasting if we say a bunch of them are now bona fide gamers.

The Exeedme knowledge base

During this week, we asked you, on Twitter, how good was their relationship with crypto, and thruth is, although most of you are crytpo-experts, we got 20,3% of the audience claiming more information (the “curious” ones).

We are hard at work democratising access to eSports professionalization, and that means democratising access to info about crypto as well.

We are building a library.

In the Exeedme knowledge base, you will find short and sweet articles about all the concepts you need to understand to play your part in the crypto economy. Anything you’re curious about, whether it’s NFTs, tokens, exchanges, blockchain, etc. will be there.

No technical jargon, no unnecessary overcomplication, no waste of time.

Just the info you need so you can take care of business and go back to what we all love the most: playing.

You can find the building blocks of the knowledge base right here. We will be adding to it periodically. We are building a one-stop-shop for gamers to build their crypto knowledge.

Crypto and gaming. Our home.


The Exeedme Team




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