Weekly Recap: The Polkastarter league, the Fox league, and more

3 min readMay 2, 2021

Hello, dearest gamers, holders, and all ⚔️

We had yet another massive week, with a ton of events happening concurrently with A Lot of Work. April was incredibly intense, and May is going to be one of our biggest months yet.

So let’s tell you all about this week so we can go right back to teasing you about the future.

Welcome to the Polkastarter league

Now we’ve started running these awesome tournaments, there’s no more stopping us. Polkastarter is partnering with us for this one, and every single team is a Polkastarter-incubated project!

Here’s the four awesome teams that have accepted our challenge:

  • SpiderDAO: They are creating a set of phenomenal tools to bring online privacy to the end user. Their team has set a robust new standard for DAOs that will withstand all adversities.
  • Bridge Mutual: Is using the power of the Blockchain and DeFi to create a new, more transparent form of insurance. A decentralized and discretionary coverage application.
  • YOP: They are your all-in-one yOptimization platform, allowing everyone to access yield markets. They give you control, custody, insights and flexibility in the same app.
  • Kattana: They are bringing trading to the DeFi age. Technical analysis, portfolio management, trading strategy automation, and more. Everything you could do with CeFI, you can now do better.

SPOILER ALERT: SpiderDAO and YOP have won their semifinals!

The final is tomorrow, and you will NOT want to miss it. Follow us on Twitch and on Twitter (@Exeedme) so you don’t miss even a minute of the action.

The Fox League is going from strength to strength

The competition is fierce after a few matches played. The top 5 is extremely competitive, and the prizes are all very much up for grabs. And they’re amazing, by the way, with some Fox Gear being added to the prize money.

Here’s what the prize structure looks like:

1st place: 500$ in EXEs + 1 FK63F Keyboard

2nd place: 250$ in EXEs + 1 FK63F Keyboard

3rd place: 125$ in EXEs + 1 FWP Mousepad

4th place: 75$ in EXEs +1 FWP Mousepad

5th place: 50$ in EXEs + 1 FWP Mousepad

Follow our ambassador Fox on Twitch to catch all the matches right here. You might even get a Beta invite while you’re at it.

We are partnering with Polkalokr

Did you think it was all fun and games? No, no, no. We play hard and we work hard. And that’s why we are delighted to announce we have agreed a partnership with the good folks of Polkalokr.

We are going to be exploring the integration of their locking protocols to handle the distribution of prizes and trophies, whether they’re tokens or NFTs. Literally nothing will get in the way of winners getting their just deserts.

And the best part is Polkalokr’s team is super-connected to gaming and they will be creating their own community on our platform. Their supporters and teammates can play and enjoy the best we have to offer.

The ambassador writes

One of our lovely ambassadors has taken it upon themselves to write a splendid piece about Enjin and how their platform compares to ours. We have heard the comparison a lot, so we’re thrilled to get this testimony. Would it be fun to work with them? Yes. Are we doing the same kind of thing? Not really.

You should definitely give it a read.

That being said, do you have any idea what we have in store for the month of May?

We can’t wait to tell you either.

Until then, we au revoir!

The Exeedme Team




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