XED joins Dragon Syrup Pool and Liquidity Mining Program on Quickswap

After starting building on Polygon network we knew there was a part missing in our ecosystem and that was incentive rewards to create a healthy and liquid market for $XED on the best DEX on Polygon, Quickswap.

As such we are super happy to announce that liquidity providers of XED-QUICK pair will be able to earn income with the now available Liquidity Mining Pool.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get $QUICK and $XED on Quickswap (swap here). If you already have $XED on Ethereum you can bridge the token to Polygon here
  2. Provide Liquidity in $XED-$QUICK in the “Pools” tab
  3. Deposit LP tokens from step 1 using the ‘Farms -> LP Mining’ tab to, and you will start earning QUICK, everyday — Pool link

Current rewards of Liquidity Mining Pool are 3 $QUICK per day.

Are you ready to double down and compound your earnings?

If you want to earn even more $XED, you just have to claim the earned $QUICK and:

  1. Stake your $QUICK in Dragon’s Lair on same ‘Farms -> LP Mining’ tab to get $dQUICK — This gets you a share of ALL trading fees that QuickSwap generates.
  2. Dragon’s Syrup Pools — Stake your $dQUICK to earn tokens from projects that are traded on QuickSwap under ‘Farms -> Dragon’s Syrup’ tab. Dragon’s Syrup’ tab. You can learn more about how to do this in our tutorial here

That’s it! You are now earning compound yield providing liquidity in $XED-$QUICK pair.

Let’s Exeed!